Friday, January 21, 2005

Kids meals now come with choices. Did you know this? I am not a fun mom, so we never get kids meals - we just get one large meal and share the fries and soda. But today I took Emily and John to lunch at BurgerKing and suprised Emily by getting her a kids meal. I did this because I just wanted water and I did not want to have a big pile of fries that I would be required to finish. We were able to get chocolate milk (or a juice box, or regular milk) and applesauce instead of soda and fries. That is kind of nice. And maybe a little healthier.

Watching John play with the applesauce reminded me of when I was a kid. I had a large gap between my front teeth and I was able to suck applesauce between those teeth. I was very proud of that. Mom and Dad canned the applesauce at the church cannery and it always seemed to have those hard seed casing things in it. Sucking the applesauce was just another way to strain it. Mom and Dad were nice enough to send me to the orthodontist, so when you come over you will not get to see me perform that fancy trick. None of our kids have the gap between their teeth. Hopefully they will inherit Nathan's healthy, cavity-free smile.


JoyceMcB said...

Wendy, I am excited that you have tried the McDonalds kids meals. I've watched the ads. I just noticed that you changed your Blog's Comment Line (?), the line under the name "Rapid Life" and well you should have since Nathan is now home. "Thumbs in the thumb place, fingers altogether. . ." as long as I have known that poem, I did not think of it as actually having an author. Its nice to learn who that author is. Love, mom

Donna Boucher said...

Katie will only eat fries with about five packets of ketchup. Emma says, well there you have your vegtables.
Katie was also impressed to learn that a french fry is a potato.

Your applesauce story is a riot.

muse said...

So far your statistics are good. I come from a family with straight, properly aligned teeth, but 3/5 kids inherited my husband's, so we've had the pains and expenses of braces.