Wednesday, January 19, 2005

I don't know why

When I post a new letter here on my blog I cannot see it until the next day. Is that normal? It seems like I used to be able to click refresh, then see the new post. Here's the problem: sometimes I need to see what I typed - in my actual blog - to know if I need to edit, but the most recent notes don't show up for me until the next day. I found a way to see it, though. First I click on my sidebar and visit Donna then I use her sidebar to visit Poppin's Blog, then I click on her sidebar link to my blog, which brings me back here to Rapid Life. For some reason I can see the most recent items from there and I can see if I need to change anything. So I know the new posts are out there somewhere, but when I try to head back to my blog without the Poppin's blog assistance my newest blurbs are missing. They do exist in the edit mode of my blog, but not on the public screen. What does it mean?

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muse said...

I've also had some problems. Last night I typed in a new post and it never went up, just up in smoke, and now I have to redo it, since it's a continuation of my psalms and ecclesiastes class update.