Saturday, August 02, 2008


Earlier this week I got a note from Nathan saying "I'm making my way home."

I spent all week trying to decipher those 5 words... what does that mean exactly? coming home when? this week? next week? I worked through the tension by cleaning out closets and getting my hair done. I finally got to talk to him this morning.

Just a few more days until he comes home!


Here is some reunion advice for myself from the ghost of reunion past.

Deployment #1. John was a baby, I was a new Primary President, and I shovelled a lot of snow while Nathan was sitting easy in a tropical location. I had crazy expectations when he got home, and I was easily disappointed.

Reunion #1 lesson learned - have less expectations. and relax.

Deployment #2 The kids were a little bigger and a lot busier. I spent a lot of time with the snow shovel, again, while Nathan was (again) in a tropical location. Nathan came home at the intersection of track and soccer seasons. We also had piano lessons, preschool, and lots of Primary responsibilities and activities. I tried hard to remember deployment lesson #1. But I think I disappointed Nathan by all our busy activities. My favorite thing about that reunion is that I made arrangements for Nathan and I to escape for a night about a week after he got home.

Reunion #2 lesson learned - don't be so busy, and take the time to escape.

Deployment #3 - I'm in the tropical location this time! Ha! And already this week I've been fighting the expectation game.....but I'm working on it! What I'm really worried about is lesson #2 - don't be so busy.

The kids are getting settled into the school routine, and our calendar next week is looking full. Today I am going to call and find a replacement for myself for YW and cancel piano lessons. I'm skipping the PTO meeting and I'm also going to email the band director and let him know that I won't be able to make it to the band parent orientation meeting.

Luckily I already arranged a carpool for cross country, but but there's still the 5th grade pizza social and the Kindergarten orientation... arrrg.

I know some of you have been through bigger and badder deployments than I have, and I know you've got some great advice, so let me have it. Give me have your best reunion tip!

*I wonder if my favorite babysitter is available for a weekend later this month...


Valorie said...

Yeaaaaaah-Hooooo!!!! I am soooo excited for you! You're totally doing the right thing by canceling all of your obligations. Can't be bothered by them at the last minute. Do they have a flight tracker like they do in the Army? We were actually given quite a bit of info, and Joe was able to talk "in-code" over the phone. Our transition has been REALLY great this time. I had lowered my expectations significantly, and I think he has upped his "game" (helping out without being asked, etc.) significantly. We have made sure that we discuss things so that he knows what I expect and vice versa. I am happy that we didn't plan anything major after he got home. He's still in re-integration classes, so we can't do much right now anyway. We did have a fantastic evening out, hopefully we can score a full night out soon. I think that is VERY important. I also think that because I kept busy and I knew that the timeline would change at least a dozen times or more before I saw him, that made the wait easier to handle. I also said very little to the kids so they weren't constantly asking, "is it time yet?" Whatever you do, I'm sure it will be great! I'm so excited for your family!

Amanda said...

Yay!!!!!! I am so happy for you and your family that you will all be together again soon!!! :)

nikko said...

Great news!

Mary said...

I'm just glad you haven't had to shovel any snow this time around! (just sand eh?)

I like what Valorie said, to talk about expectations and what you guys hope the other will be taking on and doing when it's time to divide duties and responsibilities again. I bet you guys are both tired to the bone and need some time off!

Deanne said...

Sorry, no tips or advice here. But I'm so happy for your family!!! I look forward to your reunion post later in the week or whenever you get to it! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!! said...

sorry wendy,
no tips.

thank you for your husband's and your family's sacrifice.

blessings and prayers to your family,
kathleenybeany :)
(an Air Force vet)

Mom said...

I think your ideas and preparations have been good and I think Valorie's advice sounds good too. I'm so happy that he will be home soon. I know that you guys can work through the adjustment period. You are great!

Reasa said...


Jrzy Army Wife said...

Wooo hooo... I'm so excited for you that he is coming home!!!!! Congrats!!!

Tori :) said...

I'm so excited for you Wendy!! YAY!!