Monday, August 04, 2008

Checking My List

I worked hard last week so that I wouldn't have any big projects to do if Nathan got home earlier than expected, so my to do list for tomorrow is easy-peasy:

get hannah to her first day of seminary(!)
get the kids to school
do my regular Monday Clean-o-Rama
hope for a phone call from Atlanta
wash sheets
and go to the commissary

Not bad.

I just love lists, don't you? As a special treat I have an old list to review. I thought I'd revisit my list of deployment goals/New Year's resolutions to see how I did. Here it is, copied and pasted from January 3rd - slashes added:

This year I want to:

1 Spend less $

2 Save more $$$

3 Pay off the big red 'burb

4 Stay home more

5 Write

6 Read good books

7 Take a class (hula)

8Learn to surf for reals

9 Plan and Survive (and hopefully even enjoy) Girls Camp

10 Run 5x a weekmostly

11 Do the Great Aloha Run

12 Hang curtains and pictures in my bedroom

13 Look Hawt when Nathan gets home in September

In Review:

I am most proud of #3. That was my main big goal for this deployment. And it was tough, but we did it! It was an exciting day when I got a little notice from the bank, stating me that that giant gas guzzling car taking up two parking spots at the grocery store is mine! All Mine! Which makes it easier to do more of #1 an #2!

All year I have done a great job at #10...until last which I ran just once. Yikes. I hope that doesn't affect my chance at #13.

Did you notice I wrote "September" on #13. All along Nathan was saying July. I was saying September. It is better to be pleasantly surprised with an earlier return date, don't you think?

Unfortunately, I still can't surf. I will learn to surf. I will... I will... hey Mary, wanna take a surfing lesson with me when you come visit? Let's try to leave the guys at home so there won't be any more of those embarrassing photo's...

I wish I had been better at #4 so I would have had more time for #5. It seems like I got busy busy busy as soon as Hannah started rehearsals for her play, and I haven't had a chance to slow down since. I have a feeling things will change a little when there's more than one driver around here, and me with just one car.

And here's me, way back in December, working on goal #6:

That's all!


Mary said...

Wendy, you are cute! Great job on your list. You crossed off most of the items and that's great!

I will totally take surfing lessons with you when we come - that would be awesome! (and embarrassing)

I really hope you get a call from Atlanta today. Too bad he isn't coming through Baltimore again - we were sorry we missed him at Christmas!

Tori :) said...

You did awesome!! And you can so mark off #13. You're HAWT!

Wait for me! I wanna learn to surf too!

Deanne said...

What a great feeling it is to pay a car off! That right there should make you more hawt in your man's eyes...there's nothing like a money-saving woman to make her attractive to her spouse. :)

Great job on tackling the majority of your list. That is an amazing feet!

Mom said...

Wendy, you amaze me!

If Nathan doesn't go through Atlanta, or Baltimore, maybe he will fly through SLC. We would run up to see him if he would call us.

M C said...

p.s. Heya sista, I have checked my email and even your blog a few times just in case you have an update on Nate's whereabouts. I'm excited for you guys!

p.p.s. That picture of you is cute - that's totally the Wendy pose/posture.


Mary Peterson said...

Hi Wendy,
You are amazing! I think you are my hero. I'm so happy for you right now and can't wait for your honey to be home for you!

On a previous post you asked for advice on homecomings etc. I guess what has worked for James and I is to have no expectations of eachother. That way no one is dissapointed. I also asked him what food he missed the most and tried to have it on the menu. He also planned our first date to even things out a bit. I guess the hardest part for me was sharing him with the kids.

nikko said...

Awesome stuff! Yay for saving money and paying off the car. That's a great feeling!

Good luck on the rest of your list. :o)

orchard_girl said...

I am amazed by all you accomplished. I too like to write to do lists. Can't wait to hear that Nate is home. Move closer, we miss you guys!

wendy said...

Mary - surfing with you is the best idea yet! I can't wait.

Tori - come on over. Maybe your hubby could teach us.

Deanne - no kidding!

Mom - I don't think he's coming through SLC, but he'd call if he was.

M.C. (Hammer) - Nathan was in Maine this morning and is probably in Georgia now. It stinks that we are as far west as you can possibly go... He should be home tomorrow evening. eek!

Mary - Great advice. I remember reading in a book that there is some kind of mathematical equation for happiness. The higher the expectations and the lower the reality = totally unhappy. The lower the expectations and the better the reality = more happiness. I hear you on the sharing with the kids thing. Luckily even John starts school this week! Home alone!

Thanks Nikko!

Heather - yeah for to do lists. I wish we lived closer. said...

hi wendy ~
congrats on accomplishing things you set out to do!

you rock,
kathleenybeany :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Everyone!

Thanks to all of you for making Wendy's blog so much fun over the last seven months. I've been able to read it from time to time and it's really kept my spirits up. I'm at the Atlanta USO waiting for my flight! I'm on my way home...Wendy, you are completely HAWT!...and you always exceed my expectations. I love you.

Mary C., I would have loved to see you guys in Balt-more. I can't wait for your visit. See you soon!


txmommy said...

you did great!! making goals is really so awesome even when you don't make them all~ making some is way greater than none.