Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Note From Nate

Hey Everyone!

Thanks to all of you for making Wendy's blog so much fun over the last seven months. I've been able to read it from time to time and it's really kept my spirits up. I'm at the Atlanta USO waiting for my flight! I'm on my way home...Wendy, you are completely HAWT!...and you always exceed my expectations. I love you.

Mary C., I would have loved to see you guys in Balt-more. I can't wait for your visit. See you soon!


(Nathan just sent this comment to yesterday's post. I hope he doesn't mind if I make it today's blog post.)


Marie said...

Yay for homecomings! Enjoy your time together!

Mary said...

Is he still waiting? Is he on his way? How exciting! Yay for Nate!

Valorie said...

I am so excited for your family!!!! I have a little case of the butterflies for you! Have a great time together!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Nate! Glad you are safe and back with your wife and kids. Enjoy the much needed time off! Claw and Clan.

Reasa said...

WOOHOOO!!! Welcome home!!!

Tori :) said...

Thank you for your service and sacrifice!! We appreciate you and your family!!

I am so stoked for you and your family!! YAY!!! And he's right- you are HAWT! Seeeeeeee- I told you!!!!

txmommy said...

That's so sweet!
I hope you are together now and can enjoy some family time, and couple time ;)

Deanne said...

Praise the Lord for Nate's safe return!!!

Jody said...

I love it! Welcome home, safe and sound!

Thank you Nathan for sacrificing time away from your family to serve us all.