Friday, May 05, 2006

Welcome Home Nathan

Nathan flew in Monday evening after 4 long months in Guam. We are so excited to have him home.

Things were a little crazy around here getting ready for him to come home - lots of laundry and carpet cleaning and yard work - you should have seen me using the weed-wacker (how that string stuff works is a mystery to me.)

Monday afternoons are generally a little wild with track and piano and gymnastics. All that rushing around made the day whiz by, but when we got down to the squadron we found that the planes were arriving a little later than we thought. Not a big deal, but as the only wife there with children, I was worried that my kids would get all wound up and drive everyone crazy. Luckily a few other children came, so we went outside and ran races.

When the guys come home on the B-1's it is not a big production like it is when they come home with the big group (it is still special and exciting, but there are a lot less people.) It is just 2 planes with 4 people in each. So as the planes were approaching we were able to take a little bus out on the flightline and watch them land. Then the bus drove us over to where the planes park and we were able to see them climb down out of the plane.

Nathan was the first guy out of his plane, and while I was trying to get John's earplugs in place and climb out of the bus, Emily jumped out and ran right over to Nathan to give him a big hug! John was just fascinated by Nathan and wouldn't take his eyes off him. He hasn't acted shy around Nathan at all.

So it's like a little honeymoon around here, which can be a little embarrassing! It is awkward to have neighbors ask if it is fun to have Nathan home... And yeah, actually - it's great!


Mary said...

Yeah Nathan! Great pictures, you can see how excited you all are!

Laurie said...

I'm so glad Nathan is back! Great news!

Joyce McB said...

I am so glad that Nathan has returned safely and soundly! The pictures were great - I especially liked the one of your whole family walking back together. What a neat family! Love you guys. Mom

Anonymous said...

Hooray! Glad Nate is home. What fun pictures!

texasblu said...

That's awesome! Glad he's home for you! :)

Batya said...

how wonderful

Donna Boucher said...

Happy honeymooning :o)

Welcome home to your dear hubby!

Jody said...

How great! So glad you are all together again.

You have a beautiful family.