Sunday, May 14, 2006

Being the Mom

Here are some things that I love about being the mom.

I love giving and getting kisses to/from my children - wet sloppy kisses, butterfly kisses, eskimo kiss, embarrassed-in-front-of-your-friend kisses, blowing kisses, owie kisses, goodnight kisses.

I love doing little rhymes - head knocker, Johnny Johnny Johnny Johnny Whoops Johnny, itsy-bitsy spider, wind wind wind the thread...

I love reading stories - even the bigs will let me to read to them.

I love baking with the kids - cookies and cinnamon rolls are our favorite.

I love to see them able to cook on their own - No Bake Cookies made by Hannah are the best!

I like getting hand-picked flowers - Emily is sad that we don't have very many dandylions in our yard, but she is able to find some almost everyday to give me. Sydney gave me some lilacs just last Friday and they have made the kitchen smell so lovely.

I love seeing a grouchy kid trying really hard to stay grouchy - but letting a smile slip out anyway.

I like going on a walk and doing that fun trick of kicking the person next to you with a backward kick, and then watching as that little person tries to do it back to you.

I like hearing all about a good day, or a bad day.

I like playing park-tag. Even though Hannah (and probably Sydney, too) is faster than me and can chase me down and make me "it".

I love family clean-up time around the dinner table - when it works, and everyone is doing a job without crying or pouting, it feels great to all work together.

I love how being a mom has helped me learn more about my own mother and what a great mom she is!

I love watching how quickly these crazies grow from wee little ones into big kids with dreams of their own.

Being a Mom is so fun! Happy Mother's Day to me! And to you, too!


Anonymous said...

That was so sweet Wendy. I agree, being a mom is the best! Happy Mothers day!
Love Anna

Laurie said...

Lovely! I especially like the part about our mom being a great mom.

Mary said...

So true!

Mary said...

p.s. Is park tag like toilet tag? Your girls really are fast!

Batya said...

Really really special.
Enjoy your wonderful family; they are so lucky that you're their Mom.

texasblu said...

Wonderful list! Glad you had a nice Mother's Day! :)