Thursday, July 31, 2008

School's In

After just 6 short weeks of summer, we are walking back to School.

We were excited to find that both Sydney and Emily ended up with our #1 top teacher picks!

Sydney was not so excited about the photo-shoot. Mom. Please, this is embarrassing me... Notice the star lei she is wearing? She learned how to make those last week, and gave that one to her teacher. Sydney is so crafty!

Emily, on the other hand, wasn't afraid to smile for me.

John doesn't start school 'til late next week, but he's got the morning routine down!

Happy Back to School Day!

Most of the Hawaii schools do a year round kind of thing. We get about 2 weeks off for fall break, 3 weeks off at Christmas, 2 weeks off for Spring Break, and 6 weeks in the summer. I guess that works, especially since it is always beautiful and summer-like in Hawaii, so why not take a few weeks off throughout the year?

Even though our summer felt way too short, back to school time is still totally exciting. Walking down to check out the class lists + sharpening pencils + buying new slippah's for school = Fun!


Mary said...

Oh the kids look so sweet! I especially love the picture of them walking in a line, how fun. Back-to-school is always exciting and I don't even have school-aged kids! How did Syd make the lei? It's very cute.

Tori :) said...

Can I move to Hawaii? Please??

I love all the pics. Your kids are so stinkin' cute.

nikko said...

Your kids are all so cute. Only having a 6 week summer would take some getting used to, but I could see the advantages!

Mom said...

I love the pictures and I understand Sydney's photo feelings. Her lei is so cute and such a nice idea for her new teacher.

I remember the first day of school walking down to school with most of the neighborhood, pictures by the school sign, new dresses, new shoes, new supplies. How exciting!

Amanda said...

Your kids are getting so grown up!

6 weeks isn't very long, but I do love the idea of so much time off during the school year! Especially when it is nice weather all year long. :)

ps. I promise not to give anything way about Breaking Dawn! ;)

wendy said...

Mary - you fold a strip of paper and then kind of bend it into a star...uh, I'm not sure, I'll have to have Sydney show you...

Mom - I wish we had a big school sign at the front of the school to have the kids sit on - like at Sonoma!

Amanda - with the time difference, you could read the whole book before I even get a chance to buy it.....eeeeek!

Deanne said...

I love the pic of the kids walking in a line too! I would have thought that Hannah would be the one to be grumpy about Mom taking pics, not Sydney! I have all this to look forward to. For now, my kids pose without frowns and I like it! :)

Emily reminds me of you when you were young(er). :)

Valorie said...

I am so jealous that your kids have year round school. We left that schedule behind when we moved to Savannah, but I would switch my kids back to it in a heart beat if I had the chance. I imagine that getting them ready for school has helped the time pass quickly.

Mrs.Field's Cookies said...

Oh man wendy, Emily looks just like you!! I love back to school time! hope everyone had a fun day!
love you