Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Girls Camp

Confession: I don't actually want to go to camp.

We are heading out tomorrow and I am already feeling frazzled.

But, I'm sure it will be great fun.

Here's our schedule:

Day One:

Set up at Bellows at about 3pm.

Go swim at the beach until dinner and campfire.

Walk back to the beach and look at the stars. Find the Big Dipper and the North Star. Hunt for crabs.

Day Two:

Watch the sunrise.

Go to Hanauma Bay to snorkel. Identify some fish.

Go back to camp and play at the beach. Maybe some noodle surfing!

After dinner, play miniature golf.

Day Three:

Hike to Maunawili Falls. Jump off the rocks and swim in the pool.

Go back to camp and swim some more at the beach.

Roast marshmallows over the campfire.

Day Four:

Pack up.

Go home.

Hug and Kiss Sydney, Emily, and John.


See ya Saturday!


nikko said...

But if you have to go to Girls Camp, you might as well do it in Hawaii! Have a great time. :o)

Mary said...

Sheesh, that camp sounds way better than ours as kids and I think those were fun too. I just don't see anything about first aid, compass use, other kinds of certification. Just fun beach time! That will be great!

But, I can totally see how you would be feeling frazzled and less than enthusiastic about going. Lots to do to get ready and having to leave your kids to go. Good luck sista!

A Soldier's Wife..... said...

Wow, that sounds about as close to a vacation for me as any....

I hope you enjoy your time, even if a little frazzeled, maybe you will come back feeling refreshed from it all.....

wendy said...

nikko - it is an amazing place to have girls camp.

mary - we are doing certification, too. Identifying wildlife (fish) is a requirement. And last week I went on the hike and set up a compass treasure hunt. I hope it works...

ASW - I'm feeling better this morning. Refreshed would be nice.

Marie said...

My comments echo Mary's...that sounds so much better than the girls camps we went too. Although we had a ton of fun. I actually have a pillowcase that Mary signed with a permanent marker, saying I hope you drool on this and it gets all over your face. :) Ah good times!

I finally got my copy of "your book". I loved your story and can totally relate.

And last but not least...do you have a Trader Joes or a health food store? I need to find some things for Ivan...

Amanda said...

I agree with nikko! I can imagine worse places to have girls camp. ;)

Hope you have a wonderful time! :)

Annie said...

I'll be thinking of you! I spent a week at the beach for Girls Camp. I forgot my air mattress, it was one of the longest weeks of my life.

Mary Peterson said...

I LOVE girls camp! I am so jealous! Have a good time!

txmommy said...

I hope camp is going great! our girls are gone this week too , they come back tomorrow.

trying said...

hope camp went well!

Suzanne said...

I wanna go to your Girls' Camp! And I haven't been in YW for 12 years! LOL! It sounds so fantastic and fun. I hope it doesn't end up being too stressful. I'll be waiting to hear how it went! :)

sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com said...

i am so impressed that you and one other adult leader pulled this off (especially the correct food purchasing so you don't run out). way a go. you did something so awesome for these YW. you gave them a wonderful memory to cherish for life.

some of my most favorite moments of growing up? what tops the list? going to girls camp each summer. those experiences made such a meaningful impact on me, especially fourth year. really cool that you could be this, make this happen, for the girls in your sphere of influence.

yippee skippy for you guys :)