Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Mission Accomplished

One dozen and a half dozen burgers assembled, wrapped and delivered.

We took a bag of fake burgers over to our new neighbors. I introduced myself and we discovered that her daughter is Emily's same age. Then I handed her the bag of burgers and said, "Here's a silly little snack! Hope you like it!"

And I left.

I was worried that she may have chucked them, but she later thanked us for our cute treat. Whew! Mission Accomplished!

We delivered burgers to the girls' teachers and to a few other neighbors. I had the preschool boys here today so they assembled burgers for their moms. And we also gave w few to the missionaries. I signed up to feed the missionaries tonight, but since Nathan isn't home we can't actually feed them here, so we sent a bag of shamburgers along with a lasagna - to go!

That is not all! Oh no that is not all!

I brought everything from my pantry to the church tonight for Young Women's and we whipped up another batch of sugar cookies and green "lettuce" so that the each girl could make her own burger.

That's my smooth lead-in to discussing my YW job:

I'm new to this whole teenage girl scene. I've spent most of my grown up life working in Primary with the under 12 crowd, and I love it there. I'm very comfortable with the little kids and I feel confident teaching them. This whole YW thang is tough.

The girls are touchy. And a little moody. And great. I'm still not feeling totally confident teaching them. But I am getting to know them better and I am feeling like they are happy to see me. My main problem is I don't have the timing down for our week night activities. I seem to either go too short or too long. More often too short.

Tonight went surprisingly well. I had a good activity. A good message. And I had a couple other things that filled in the extra time. One girl had hurt feelings but she recovered before the night was over. Our usual quiet-grouchy girl was happy. And our youngest Beehive really participated, instead of just holding back and watching, for the first time. All in all I think it went okay. Maybe because we had just half our usual girls.

I'm learning.


Deanne said...

Again, how fun! I'm glad that your little gags were well received.

A Soldier's Wife..... said...

The girls are touchy. And a little moody. And great.\

Sounds like an everyday occurrence around here~ ;)

Sounds like the "burgers" were a hit all around and that you have landed a position of which shall keep you quite busy!!!! And enjoying it, that is important!

Hope all is well otherwise, Keeping those deployed in my prayers.


No Cool Story said...

I know I'd have loved to get one of your little burgers.