Thursday, April 24, 2008

Phone Call

I just got a phone call from Miss Annie, of Anniethology.

Hi Annie!

She is in Hawaii!

We've synchronized our watches and hopefully we'll be able to compare tattoo's tomorrow at the Polynesian Cultural Center!

I think this is my first actual blogger meet-up! How exciting!

(5 exclaimation points = super exciting! that makes 6! 7 seven exclamation points - said in my best count voice...)


In other news, I am sending off a package to Nathan. I was going for a movie night theme. Here's what's in it:

CD's of Conference (that's the movie. Maybe I should buy another movie, too?)

Microwave popcorn

Boxes of candy: Hot Tamales. Mike and Ikes. What are those chocolate minty ones? etc.


Hot Cheetos. Sydney's favorite.

That's where the movie stuff ends, but I am sending a few other things:

A plastic shark.

A picture of a mermaid, from Emily.

Two glider planes and a launcher.

There's still a little room in the box, so I may pick up another bag of chips, and a base paper to fill up the space.


Deanne said...

How fun to have a bloggy meet up! Trying not to be jealous over here!! :) Hope you have a great time (how could you not?)

Doesn't Nathan read your blog? I suppose he won't be surprised when he gets it. But most of the fun is getting and opening the box even if you do know what's inside. Care packages are fun....maybe I should send another? :)

No Cool Story said...

Make sure you touch Annie's hair!

I bet Nathan will love his package.
"A plastic shark" Awwwww.

Amanda said...

How fun to meet up with Annie! :)

Your package sounds like fun. You are such a creative mom and wife! Oh, and those chocolate minty things are called Junior Mints. They are my very favorite movie treat! I am pretty sure that Annie likes them a lot too.

I'm thinking that Kona is on a different island than where you are at...bummer! It would be fun to see you again!

wendy said...

Deanne - he hasn't been able to read my blog very often, so I think I'm safe!

NCS - touch her hair. got it!

Amanda - Kona is on the big island. We are thinking of going over there during fall break in October. When are you going to be there? That would be a fun place to meet up!

Mary said...

Fun and fun!

I think Annie sounds like a really cute lady and it will be nice for you guys to meet!

Tori :) said...

Amanda is right- they are Junior Mints and Annie hearts them big time. :)
What a sweet idea for the package. :)

I wanna go to Hawaii. We can go surfing- although I don't know how to!

Jrzy Army Wife said...

awesome..we should totally meet up once hubby's back in the sandbox. Hope you guys have a great time! said...

hi wendy -- woo hoot!! that is soooo awesome how you are meeting up with one of your fav bloggers.

my best friend in the world i met because of blogging and we talk every single day. didn't see it coming. but i love that this is the way it is. i love seeing good things come from this blogosphere.

hope you have a total blast. you will :)

enjoy, kathleen :)

Amanda said...

Wendy, we will be there sometime between October 2 and 12. The Ironman race is Oct. 11. My sister in law said that we probably will fly into Oahu and then fly to Kona. As I get our plans more finalized I'll let you know! :)

Butterfly Wife said...

I hope you had a good experience meeting another blogger.

Sounds like a great care package.

Suzanne said...

How fun to get to meet Annie! I hope your first Blogger meet up went well.

And I think your package sounds great! :)