Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dear Me

Dear Calendar,

Where did the week go? Is it Sunday already? Crazy.


Dear Mommy,

If you got in a crash, that would be bad because no one would fix food for us.


Dear Blogger,

Sorry we haven't been hanging out together as much lately. I want to be here more often. I think about you when I'm running. What great blog posts pop into my head at about the 2 mile marker. But I just can't seem to get to the computer. Don't take it personally.

Best Regards,

Dear Duplex,

I am not in love with sharing a bedroom wall with our next door neighbors. No offense, but it is kind of creepy. and awkward. In the future I am going with a single family dwelling, K?

tenant A

Dear Base Dudes,

Thanks for finally clearing out those abandoned vehicles from the parking lot next to our house. That Trans Am without a door was getting on my nerves. Your new barracks are really looking nice. I hope you put in a hedge between us before you move in.


Dear Taco Bell,

I'm sure you noticed I didn't come around this week. It was tough to be apart, but this separation is for the best. I miss your warm tortillas.


Dear Kitchen Stove,

It's been nice to get to know you again. Thanks for the great chicken alfredo and home made pizza. Emily said your pizza was better than Pizza Hut. I'm not sure about that, but it has been nice to see you pulling your weight around here for once.



No Cool Story said...

"I think about you when I'm running"
You are so good Wendy!

No Cool Story said...

Uh, I heard kitchen stoves don't know everything.
I bet is mostly you ;)

Mary said...

I love these little letters.

Dear Wendy,

I want to be just like you when I grow up.

your sista,

p.s. Being a townhouse dweller, I feel your pain in sharing a bedroom wall. Let's just say our old neighbor was loud.

Tori :) said...

I remember when Sei and I were newlyweds and we lived in 6-plex. My sister lived across the hall so we shared a bedroom wall. Yeah, well, um... I DID mention we were newlyweds, right? My sister politely suggested we move our bed to the other wall... Oops. AWKWARD!

Deanne said...

does this mean you succeeded with your goal to cook every night? Yeah Wendy!!! If I could be on the ball 3 out of 5 nights be happy too! :) said...

hi again,

awesome post. you made me giggle! great idea here. i might do this sometime, too. love it.

thanks for your kind comments on my bloggy.

nighty night, kathleen :)

ps. thanks for the linky love. too kind! said...

i added your bloggy to my google reader, so i can see when you have new posts posted :)

Suzanne said...

Yay Wendy! I'm glad that you've been cooking like you wanted.

I understand the pain of neighbors on the next wall. In our last apt. we lived below guys that played loud music and video games until the wee hours of the morning. Their video games would vibrate the ceiling above us.

Luckily they moved out eventually and in moved the best neighbors ever! We figured out that they were deaf. So they hardly made any noise and our noise didn't bother them! :)

Ashley said...

Okay, you totally just made me feel bad for not running...or exercising. At all. Hah. I'm gardening though, and cleaning, and chasing a one year old...does that count? lol


A Soldier's Wife..... said...

Wendy, will you write a few letters to my living room and bedroom, I'm sure they feel quite neglected... I just can't find the right words :D

you make me laugh despite my mood....I love that about you!


trying said...

very cute!

Mrs.Field's Cookies said...

i hear you (literally) on the anoyance of a shared wall with neighbors. at this moment i can hear that our neighbors are watching batman! hehe! love you

Ann M. said...

LOL, these were good!

We're lucky that our townhouse is staggered, so we only share a bedroom wall with one set of neighbors, and that wall at least is the one with the closets. However, it'd be nice not to share bathroom walls!!

Amanda said...

Dear Wendy,
I love your letter blog posts. They are always funny and entertaining! :)


ps. Do you live anywhere near Kona? My brother in law has qualified for the ironman triatholon there this October. They have invited us to go with them. It looks like I might be headed to Hawaii. :)

Jenna said...

What a GREAT POST OMG! I have to to try this!