Monday, April 07, 2008


A conversation with John:

"Ice," John Yelled.

"Ice, mom, ice!," John yelled again.

"Huh?" I said, "why do you need ice? Want a popsicle?" I asked as I continued to washed the dishes.

"No, mom, ICE!" he hollered.

I looked up and noticed a red gun-shaped toy pointed at me, and then I realized John meant, FREEZE. As in, put your hands up and Freeze!


That little John cracks me up!


Tag, I'm it!

Thanks (Army) Wife and Jrzy Army Wife for tagging me.

5 (or so) things we were doing 10 years ago

1 - We lived in a cute little house on a quiet little cul-de-sac. We had great neighbors - Kim and Mo. I spent a lot of time hanging out with Dana and Heather.
2 - Hannah was 3 years old and Sydney was 2 months old. Sydney was extremely colicky and I think I had a bit of PPD. I was a mess of hormones and milk. Unfortunately I decided a haircut was just the thing to make me feel better. That was the worst haircut of my life and I've pretty much had long hair ever since it grew out.
3 - I wore glasses.
4 - I had a gas route. Gas prices were at a high of $1.33.
5 - I had a fun garden with carrots and lettuce and sunflowers.

5 things on my to do list for tomorrow
1 - run
2 - chart out youth talent show
3 - buy popcorn and licorice for talent show
4 - Emily to Hula, Hannah to play practice, Sydney to Activity Days, Hannah to talent show, late bedtime
5 - hope Nathan calls

5 snacks I love
1 - 94% fat free popcorn
2 - grape cherries sliced in half and sprinkled with salt
3 - mango
4 - wheat thins
5 - warm homemade chocolate chip cookies

5 of my bad habits
1 - I don't floss
2 - I don't fold laundry right out of the dryer
3 - I get choked up and stumble on words when talking to strangers
4 - I love new shoes
5 - I eat by the computer

5 places I've lived
1 - Modesto, CA
2 - Hood River, OR
3 - Pensacola FL
4 - Abilene, TX
5 - Rapid City, SD
6 - Paradise

There were more questions but I don't feel like answering them, and now I'm supposed to tag 5 people, but I don't feel like doing that either. I also break chain letters. I live on the edge.


Mary said...

Ice! How funny!!

It's kind of weird it has been 10 years since you lived in that house in Modesto and Hannah and Syd were so small!

(Way to live on the edge by the way :)

trying said...

1.33 gas! sigh, the sweet memories of cheap gas.

i dont floss either. i wont tell your dentist if you dont tell mine!

Tori :) said...

You are such a rebel for breakin' the chain. ;)

ICE- that's classic!!

Mel said...

Love the ICE conversation... he's a cutie!

JMcB said...

I love that John! What a fun little boy. Your 5 lists were fun too. Love you, mom

No Cool Story said...

Eating by the computer is not bad, it's multi-tasking.