Monday, March 31, 2008

Would You Like to Buy a Hamburger?

In honor of April Fools Day we decided to bake up a batch of pretend hamburgers for our friends. You still have time to whip up a batch for dinner! Here's how:

Start by making your favorite sugar cookie dough. I used my mom's recipe. Her secret is the nutmeg. Mmmm! But don't worry, the pre-made pack of sugar cookie dough from the grocery store works, too.

I did not chill the dough, but just grabbed a hunk of dough straight from the mixer and rolled it into a ball a little bigger than walnut sized. Then I flattened the balls slightly, sprinkled half of the cookies with sesame seeds, and baked until lightly browned for the perfect sesame-seed-buns:


Open up a York Peppermint Patty. Where's the beef?


Sprinkle on some "lettuce". Start with a baggie of dried coconut flakes. Add in a drop or two of green food coloring and mix it until it looks like lettuce.

Don't forget the condiments:

Yellow and Red frosting looks just like ketchup and mustard, don't you think?


Place the bun on top and voila! The perfect sham-burger!

To make the burgers even more authentic, run by your nearest fast food joint and ask for a few unused hamburger wrappers and bags. Our BK was happy to help. And Emily is happy to demonstrate proper bagging form:


Thank you Family Fun Magazine for that great idea!

We have make Sham-burgers a couple of times. When Hannah was in preschool, McDonald's was doing that dollar burger thing. April Fools Day happened to fall on the dollar burger day. So, we made up a batch of burgers, all wrapped in McDonald's paper, and delivered them to some friends. Our joke bombed as they never called or commented about the burgers, and I was kind of afraid to ask. I have a feeling they threw them away before opening the bag...

But that same day, just as we were heading out the door with the burgers to deliver, Nathan arrived home from work. I hollered at him as I buckled the kids into the car. "There's a burger for you in on the table." He later told me that he was a little upset that I had let his burger get cold, but he was hungry so he started to put it in the microwave. He realized there was something fishy about that burger before he actually warmed it up. He he he! Sorry Nathan.

I'll let you know tomorrow if our brand new neighbors like the burgers or if my little joke falls flat, again...


Amber said...

I went over to the link and am soooooo doing this. Thanks for the tip!

Mary said...

What a great idea! That's so funny!

orchard_girl said...

I thought about making those, but I think wr'll make the fake sushi instead. Forgot the gummy worms or we would have made them last night.

Ann M. said...

that is too funny. I'd laugh if I were one of your neighbors....

wendy said...

Heather - I'm thinking about doing the sushi for the YW tonight.

Tori :) said...

So cute! What a cool idea!

Deanne said...!! I love it! What's the sushi one??

No Cool Story said...

Awesome and super fun idea :D

tootie said...

What a cool idea! I'll have to try this sometime.

Cariluz & Ike said...

What a great idea! They look so real....just thought I would drop a line and let you know I enjoy reading your blog. I wish I was this creative! I will have to try it out!