Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A Note from Nate

I wrote a note to Nathan yesterday to tell him about this and that - I filed our taxes, John wants a new boat, Emily is in the talent show, etc. I also mentioned that I made an extra big payment on our car, but for some reason it was taking a few days to go through. Nathan wrote back with a theatrical interpretation. I laughed and chortled and guffawed, and I thought you might enjoy it, too. I hope he doesn't mind if I post it here:

I wouldn't worry about the car loan principle delay, it always takes a few "business days" to "transfer", but it really adds up to more interest that they can charge the principle. I wonder how many hundreds of millions of dollars the loan industry makes on these "pennies from heaven" each year. Disgusting! I wrote a play about it (Prairie Dawn comes to mind -"Welcome to our play!").

A screenplay that I've been working on. Watch as our heroic protagonist, Wendy B. gets thrown under the proverbial bus of life in 2008's epic...

Loans and Lenders are Evil, Lazy and Corrupt et al.

Scene I.

Wendy: "Here's the money!"

Bank: "mmyea, we'll get to that payment in a few days" (Manager of evil, filthy-lucre conspiracy to him/herself: "Mmmwaaha ha ha! At this rate, my Christmas bonus will be bigger than last year! I can't believe she's trying to pay off her loan early and save money on MY hard earned INTEREST! THEEE NERVE!...)

(a few days later...)

Wendy: "Um, I posted a principle payment of $000 dollars a few days ago, and..."(sharply interrupted)

Bank: "Yes Mrs. B, we have your request, unfortunately due to our very busy schedule (manager is playing solitaire on computer while waiting to make a last minute e-bay bid) we require 5-7, (clearing throat) Hchmmmm, business days before you will see changes in your account."

(at lunch that very day)

Scene II.

Manager (to Employee): "How's your business going?"

Employee: "Oh, well enough, but people are paying off their loans early...I don't get it?"

Manager (putting arm around shoulder of employee): "We need to have a talk..."


I particularly like the Prairie Dawn reference and the busy manager playing solitaire and watching his ebay auction. Silly!

I would just like to mention that things seem to have calmed down for him in the last week or two. For the first 6 weeks or so of the deployment, it was rare for us to recieve much in the way of phone calls or emails, but lately (we just past the 2 month mark) he's been able to call almost daily and (as seen above) his emails have moved beyond the 3 sentence response. Much better!

Off now to see if that transfer has gone through...


nikko said...

ROFL! Hopefully it posts today. I love Nathan's play.

So happy that you get to talk to him almost daily now. That must make it so much more manageable!

Tori :) said...

Oh so talented!! LOL!!

Deanne said...

He's a talented man, you're Nathan. Let us know when his play hits Broadway! It'll be a hit for sure. You'll have movie producers calling any day I just know it! Oh, oh, oh...can I play the part of the manager?? You, of course, would be perfect for 'Wendy'! :)

Mary said...

Ha! I can totally hear that coming out of Nate's mouth. He's a silly guy and I'm glad to know he has a little more time to call you and to be funny even in Iraq. Heya Nate-o!

Amanda said...

Glad to see that he hasn't lost his sense of humor!! What a funny guy he is. :)

Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

Ha! this is too funny! Love it!