Monday, March 03, 2008

Isn't That Odd?

I saw the strangest thing this morning.

We were walking to school past the PT field behind our house, like we do every morning. Some guys (and girls) were still counting and doing pushups. Some of 'em were doing pullups at the pull up bar. Some were coming back from their run. And some guys were standing around all sweaty and grassy.

One guy was smoking.

He did not have a cigarette, but his head was totally smokin' hott. He was shaved completely bald and mist was rising from his head, swirling into the air. I'm not kidding. This really happened.

It looked like he was wearing a cloud-ish stocking cap, staring at his forehead and rising up from the back of his head. It was like the exact moment of evaporation when liquid water changes to gas, happening right on that dude's head.

I have never seen that before. I don't know if the light was just right, with the sun shining bright behind him. Or if it was because of the cool morning temperature (around 70 degrees). Or what. But it was pretty darn cool. I wish I had my camera...

If the kids hadn't seen it, too (and pointed and asked loud questions) I would wonder if I had actually seen it.

Most unusual.


In other news, I went on my regular morning run, just before sunrise. As I was heading out of our neighborhood (in about the same place where we later saw the smoking man) I stepped on a rock, twisted my ankle and almost fell down. Oh the embarrassment. And ouch! My ankle is still a little sore. But I went with my dad's favorite advice of "keep walking on it" and made it through my 3 miles without any other trouble.


And - last item of business - I filed our taxes today. Woot Woot! I heart TurboTax!


Jrzy Army Wife said...

I wonder if you would've put an egg on his head if it would've cooked,LOL.

Tori :) said...

I thought you meant he was HAWT, but apparently he was literally smoking hot. Interesting...

Deanne said...

I'm with Tori....I thought you were admiring him. I was thinking 'Wendy!!!', then I read further. Glad to hear he was just a hot head. :) But yeah, that's weird.

Mary said...

Haha! That is strange!

nikko said...

Weird, weird. It's too bad you didn't have a camera with you.

P.S. My 3 Blond Boys linky on your sidebar doesn't work anymore.

Amanda said...

That is strange! He was totally smokin!

Sorry about your ankle. I am still dealing with a sprained ankle from 3 months ago. I'm trying to come up with a better story of how I did it. Tripping on the stairs doesn't sound nearly as cool as "I sprained my ankle while doing a triple dog twist on my snowboard".