Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Too Much To Do

Sometimes I have nothing going on and nothing to write about. Other times I have too much to do and too much to write about. This is one of those too much weeks.

To help keep track of my crazy day it's time for a

To Do list:

Make a list
Littles to School
Go to Middle School
Set up Dart Board fun
Run the totally rockin' dart board booth
Pick up John from Preschool
Pick up littles (don't forget, Wednesday is early out)
Decide if it's possible to go VTing on Thursday (okay)
Drink a lot of water
Do some laundry
Tidy Up
Piano Lessons
Play outside with John and Em (I didn't, but I did set out paint and glue for fun)
Hope Nathan calls (whoohooo!)
Fix Dinner - crock pot? (no, spagetti)
Go to a Movie (Fun!)

That should do it.

What are you doing today?


Tori :) said...

I hope Nathan calls too. (Calls YOU not me. That sounded weird when I read it...):)

I'm... reading blogs and procrastinating. :)

Tori :) said...

Oh, and FIRST!

Mary said...

Good list!

27 Dresses is cute (I went with my old roommie Jenica a while back - it's the first movie in theater I've seen in ages)

I set out trying to be efficient and productive this morning, but Costco doesn't open as early as I think it should, so we spent our time between dropping Randy at work and going to playgroup by wandering the aisles of Walmart and buying some fabric I didn't intend to buy (but pink gingham seersucker for $2! cute!)

Deanne said...

It really IS a busy day for you, I didn't see 'nap' on the list this time! :) But it looks like you're ending your day on a fun note - a movie! Oh, and I'd LOVE to join you.....I'll be there on the next tide. :)

tootie said...

I can relate. My to-do list seems to be growing out of control.

But I did cross off one important thing today - getting my haircut :)

wendy said...

Mary - why does costco open so late?

Deanne - no nap. waaa!

Tootie - i am hoping to get my hair done over spring break. maybe...

wendy said...

Fo some reason having my actual to do list posted here is motivating. I don't want to dust. I really don't. But there it is on my list and I really want to be able to cross it off. So....dusting now....

trying said...

your quite busy! And you got a ton accomplished. although i dont see drink tons of water crossed off yet. are you working on that one thru out the day?

hope you get to talk to your hubby. that would be a nice one to cross off. : )