Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring Break

It is Spring Break and we're in Hawaii! Woohoo!

Two weeks off is a long time without a plan. So I have to make a list. These are things we COULD do over Spring Break, not necesarily things we WILL do. I'm just thinking out loud here.

Hanauma Bay
Lighthouse hike
Dillingham Field to watch sky divers
Manoa Falls
Water Park
Call housing about the lights
Surf lessons

Temple Trip
Waimea Bay
Ali'i Beach
Shave Ice
Get my hair done
Camping at Bellows
Meet Jrzy Army Wife
Sew Easter Dresses
Dye Eggs
Ala Moana Mall
Hale Koa Pool
Waikiki Beach
about all the fun!


Amanda said...

Two weeks!!!! We get a lousy 2 extra days off. How fun to be in Hawaii for spring break! Next year we are coming! ;) I'll be the one wearing a grass skirt with the really white legs!

txmommy said...

We have one week off and we're "Camping" in a cabin for two days and slacking the rest.

Tori :) said...

2 weeks!?! Wow! Can I come visit you for spring break??

A Soldier's Wife..... said...

Back to serious jealousy over here....2 weeks of spring break, wow. My son has a 4 day weekend for the holiday but DODDS will never say that is what it is for, my girls have nothing off for the holiday, but they have a week off in April, it may just coincide with my husband's can only hope!

Have a great adventure during this time, :)


Jrzy Army Wife said...

I'm on your spring break list.. that rocks. Totally do-able! Let me know when... i get 2 days off a week.

Mary said...

I want a Hawaiian Spring Break! Sounds so fun!

Deanne said...

Um, is 'calling housing about the lights' suppose to be fun? :) Sounds like you've got quite a list-o-fun planned. Hope you all enjoy each day of your vacation in paradise! Oh, and meeting a blog friend would totally top my list! :)

trying said...

What a great list and what a great place to have spring break!

ABW said...

Oh I wish we were celebrating Spring Break in Hawaii instead of Central Texas! LOL

What about Koko Crater hike? Nothing like hiking up all those stairs to wear them out, so they will forget that they ever wanted to stay up late!

wendy said...

Amanda - you would look amazing in a grass skirt!

TXMommy - a cabin sounds so fun! We may go camping one night with some friends, but I'm not sure.

Tori - come on over!

ASW - 2 weeks is kind of odd for spring break. We have a short summer and longer breaks through the school year.

Jrzy - wanna meet at the Exchange food court for lunch or dinner one day? that way my kids can play on the slides and if one of us is a psycho mass murderer we will be safer, you know? Any day but Tuesday would be fun.

Deanne - having a working light in the laundry room is going to be super duper fun!

abw - I would love to hike Koko head... but the stairs make me nervous for my littles... maybe when my husband gets back from Iraq.

Jrzy Army Wife said...

Totally can do the food court. This week is turning out to be bad, I can do dinner almost any day next week or lunch next friday.

Or if you're gonna be at Ala Moana and we can meet there. You can scratch 2 things off your list at the same time then. Whatevers best for you