Sunday, March 02, 2008

Where in the World is Sydney

As part of Sydney's Birthday fun we went on a photo scavenger hunt around base. Hannah was our photographer for the event. We rode our bikes (I have a feeling we were a pretty terrific bike parade) to some interesting locations:

Here's Sydney and John at a castle.

Who is hiding behind that palm leaf?

There's Sydney and Emily with their bikes on the rolling hills. A fun place to ride!

Here is Sydney and a tank at the museum.

Stay 10 for a while, okay Syd? No need to speed up!


Mary said...

That's a fun idea!

What's the castle for? A stage for a play? Barracks? Prop for a movie?

Butterfly Wife said...

Great idea. :D

That castle sure looks a lot like the Engineering symbol.

Deanne said...

What a fun birthday adventure! Yep, you're a cool mom! :)

wendy said...

Mary - The castle is right around a baseball backstop

and yep, Butterfly - it was built by the army engineers guys long ago - it is pretty cool!