Friday, October 05, 2007

Wiki Wiki Friday Feast

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how much do you look forward to your birthday?
9 - I love a party - and a party for ME is the BEST!

What is one word you don’t like the sound, spelling, or meaning of?
of - it throws me off when I'm writing - for some reason I just can't remember how it's spelled, and it just doesn't look right even when it is right. ov. that's better.

Do you wear sunglasses when you’re outside? If so, what does your current pair look like?
No, I should wear sunglasses, as the crease between my eyes is getting deeper every day, but I lose glasses and break glasses and I feel like I can't see as well with glasses. That's why I wear contacts.... I wonder if there is such a thing as contact sunglasses...

Main Course
If you were to write a book, to whom would you dedicate it?
My sisters. and/or my housekeeper, because if I was writing a book I'd definately need one of those cool ladies.

Name a beverage that you enjoy.
Confession - Diet Coke. With caffine. I grew up with Coke and Pepsi being illegal substances in our Mormon home. Okay, not quite illegal, but... And I've never really been tempted (except when I'm pregnant and coke really helps calm my delicate tummy) until recently. The thing is, soda has way too many calories, but sometimes I really want some of that bubbly stuff. You can never find diet 7-up in the refridgerator at the Commisary checkout stand, but diet coke is always available. Mmmm! Diet coke at bean burrito no onions from taco bell is just about the perfect lunch.

Recently Sydney caught me drinking and driving. (Drinking diet coke, that is) and asked me if I was pregnant. I asked her if I looked fat. She said "No, but you only drink that stuff when you're pregnant, so are you?" And I said NO! No! NO! I'm not pregnant. Sheesh! I just like a little diet coke once in a while, that's all! and I mean it. And, No, you can't have a taste, it's not good for you.


As I was posting up these photos of my hair-dude (as emily says), I was hoping that I would have somehow transformed into a stylish exotic kinda person. There's something about spending a couple hours with someone playing with my hair that makes me feel beautiful beyond reason.

Miss Yen did such a lovely job smoothing out my not quite curly hair! When I saw the photos I was a touch disappointed that I still look just like me. Oh well.

I do like the brown that she wove in with the highlights.

Ooooo! Nice eyebrows!

I told her I like my eyebrows full, just a little cleaned up. If you haven't had your eyebrows waxed before, it's kind of fun. A little warm stuff on your brow, then a smoothed piece of cloth, then YOUCH! It hurts, but it is much quicker than tweezers. Tweezing makes me cry.

So, go back and look at that photo of my eyebrows. If you enlarge it you can get a good look at the mole on the end of my left eyebrow. (and the peach fuzz on my cheeks. And the - gasp - wrinkes around my eye. I really should be wearing sunglasses. On second thought do not enlarge that photo. Please.) I've had that mole forever. It used to be flat, but it is now rather plump. Nathan thinks I should get it removed as it is starting to look a little witchy (eh, eh, eh, my pretty) but would a scar look better?

scar face?

or wicked witch?


Deanne said...

Ov? I've never thought ov that before! Funny the things one learns during a feast. :)

Look at that beautiful mane! You look mah-vah-lous!

Butterfly Wife said...

Of, of, of. I'll never think ov that word the way. Personally, I have trouble with fierce. Not a word in my day-to-day lexicon but my usage ov it has increased dramatically with my obsession with America's Next Top Model.

Butterfly Wife said...

oops! I forgot to tell you. Excellent, no, fierce highlights. :D

NOBODY said...

So, when I tell my 2 year old, "you can't have that" no matter what it is, she says, "It has caffeine in it?" I'm afraid caffeine is not illegal in this mormon home. I don't drink it now because I'm nursing and I'm afraid it'll make jr all twitchy. But when I have to have a fix, I get caffeine free coke (surprisingly available, and tasty!) which my kids call "kids coke" because I'll let them taste it.

Your hair looks great, and I'm sorry, I enlarged your picture, couldn't resist. You have lovely skin. :)

I have had total and complete brain loss several times in my adult life, forgetting the spelling of "of". Very weird. I'm more of a, "uv" kind of speller...:)

ann m. said...

your hair looks great!


I am a sunglass smasher/loser also. As my husband would point out, this is why I am not allowed to have nice things. Heh.

Brynnalynnadingdong! said...
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wendy said...

Thanks girls! stop it, it's too much...

BW - fierce - I like that word. I'm going to have to start using it...

nobody - Kid coke - ha ha! Sadly, caffiene free diet coke does not seem to be as readily available in Hawaii as in Utah...

Suzanne said...

I think your hair looks fantastic! Hmm...not sure about whether to get the mole removed or not though! :)

Amanda said...

You crack me up!!

I loved your Friday Feast. :)

Your hair-dude and your eyebrows look mahvelous!

utmommy said...

I'm always up for a party too!

Your hair looks great! I love having my hair done too.

M C said...

Wendy, I totally enlarged that last picture - you are so cute sista! I haven't ever seen your hair that straight, very pretty, but I love it with the curl too.

nikko said...

Cute highlights!

I had my eyebrows waxed twice before and both times I got burned -- burned as in blisters and scabs on my eyelids. Yeah. Never doing that again.

Tori :) said...

Diet Coke- welcome to the dark side.

Ov makes perfect sense.

Your hair looks great!

No Cool Story said...

Yeah, dark side. I have no problem with caffeine.

Your hair and eyebrows are prettiful :)

Army Wife said...

you look gorgeous...


"if you haven't had your eyebrows waxed before, it's kind of fun."

you are CRAZY