Saturday, October 20, 2007


From now on, Saturday blogging will be revolutionized. Mwahahahaha. Does this sound like Wendy right now? HAH! I think NOT! This is her fabulous daughter, the eldest one, Hannah. I am going to be the Saturday "Guest Blogger". From now on, every Saturday, you will get to examine the brain of the modern thirteen-year-old girl. For today, I'll start with thirteen things about me, myself, and I.

1. I love the show The Hills.

2. Beauty and the Beast makes me cry.

3. I love, love love love love love, Pride and Prejudice. All of the movies, and the book, too.

4. Bride and Prejudice, however, might be even better. I wish I could do that snake dance.

5. I get straight As, without fail. So my parents never have to fear in that area.

6. I love sarcasm. Not many adult readers may agree, but I look at sarcasm as a new mother looks at her child.

7. A Room With A View makes no sense. At all. And the whole skinny dipping thing, it really just makes me afraid.

8. I love my family. All of my aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins, whatever. They are the greatest.

9. I joined Theater club a few weeks ago, and I don't think I'm ever going to go back. Again.

10. I am destined for great things. Fame, to be exact. I don't know how yet, because the whole theater club thing scared me. No offense to theater enthusiasts, but those kids were really weird.

11. Jacob is better than Edward.

12. I wish the Harry Potter series would just keep going on forever.

13. I love shopping. Especially at American Eagle, Hollister, Pac Sun, Wet Seal, and Old Navy.


This whole guest blogger thing is a test to see how dedicated I really am. Eventually, I might be allowed to have my own blog.


JoyceMcB said...

Hannah! Great blog! I think you, as the oldest Barrett child and the oldest McBride grandchild, you ARE destined to greatness! By the way, who is Jacob and who is Edward? Grammy

Mary said...

Yeah Hannah! I'm excited for Saturday guest posts from such a well-worded, funny teenager!

I agree with you that theater kids can be strange, P&P in all forms is wonderful, sarcasm can be funny as long as it doesn't hurt feelings, I'm sad there won't be more Harry Potter, and I loved Bride and Prejudice singing and dancing too!

orchard_girl said...

Hannah! what fun!

I always thought the theater kids at my school were strange, but not as wierd as the band or choir geeks (no offense, but they were pretty odd). My senior year I joined a choral group and had to endure many bus trips with them, I'm still affected by it.

Tori :) said...

You are a smart, smart girl. You are so right- Jacob IS better than Edward. But he's mine, so... back off. ;)

Hannah said...

Grammy - They are the two main boy characters in Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse.

Mary - yes. it's true; if sarcasm happens to hurt feelings i like saying just kidding afterwards.;].

Heather - Hahahahaha. Yeah, just one theater club meeting made me a little bit crazy.

Tori - Psh! You are already like, married! I am young and fresh!

No Cool Story said...

Wait to go Hannah!! That was great.
I agree with you : harry Potter should go on forever and A Room With A View makes no sense at all.

Kristine said...

I love your fresh perspective.
I've loved P&P for a long time, but have yet to actually read it (gasp!). You give me motivation to do so.
Room with a View is a bit out there. I must admit, I've never watched the whole skinny dipping scene though...
And as for Jacob, I think Edward tips the scales on my end...maybe it's a cold vs. hot thing.

Hannah said...

NCS - =] indeed.

Kristine - I prefer hot. Because, what if, like Bella, I go camping and the tempurature goes way far down? I'd rather be toasty all year round than amazingly cold. Haha.

And I forgot to say that my theater club teacher is really weird too. I guess she got a degree in phsycology, so the whole first meeting all she was talking about was how we were going to be "exploring the human phsyque(sp?)" and "look at what makes people think and choose things the way they do"

*sigh* I guess I won't be a famous actress...

Butterfly Wife said...

Hang on a second. We are forgetting a simple fact here. Wendy isn't old enough to have a 13-year-old child! Maybe this "Hannah" is really just Wendy's inner child. Hmmm. I am highly suspicious. ;-)

Oh, and if this really is a 13-year-old girl, her momma needs to keep her away from my site. Oops! Or did I just type something really tempting. Sorry, Wendy. That's just the 13-year-old girl in me typing here. :D

nikko said...

Welcome to the blogiverse, Hannah!

Maybe I'll be sad about HP ending when I actually get around to reading the last book. :o)

Suzanne said...

I knew Tori was going to let you know what was what about Jacob! LOL! Welcome to the Blogging world, Hannah! You seem so smart and witty. You'll fit right in with all of us! :D

the real hannah! said...

butterfly wife - unfortunately, she is old enough.

Nikko - lol. It made me cry!

Suzanne - I am totally excited!

wendy said...

Dear Hannah,

Your first blog post is so fun! Having a 13 year old is can do dishes, you can babysit, and now you can even blog for me! Excellent!


Anna said...

Hannah, I love the blog entry. I hope you are truely a dedicated blogger, because I would totally read your blog, if and when you get your own. You Rock! And you are funny. And So cute

Amanda said...

Hi Hannah!! I hope you get your own blog, you are a hoot!

Wendy, I can't wait til I have a 13 year old to do all those things for me! :) Then maybe I could sit around and read P&P all day. As if! :)

Tori :) said...

Uh, no you dihn't! Are you saying I'm old and... whatever the opposite of fresh is??

Amanda said...

I smell a cat fat, er dog fight....

Butterfly Wife said...

"Hannah" sure sounds any awful lot like "Wendy". Hmmm. Still not convinced. ;-)

Um, that's a compliment to both of "you." Hannah is obviously smart and witty like her mother. And Wendy is smart and young like her daughter. :D

Hannah said...

Tori - Jayyyy Kayyyyy. Or just kidding, for old people like you. =]

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

Wait a minute? You babysit. You ma told me you were unemployed... hmmm...

Loving this post! I am so proud of you for NOT being a theater weirdo! You WILL be famous because of just that! Now... to find a way to get you New Moon Movie cast as Bella...

Steph said...

Hi Hannah!
This is your Aunt Mary's BYU've never met me but I've been hearing great things about you for years. :) I have a nephew about your same age.
I loved your blog, I think maybe with your excellent writing skills you could be a famous author...
I also love "The Hills" although I feel kind of silly watching it because I am a lot older than the kids on the show. But I don't feel that old. Could you believe when Elodie totally ditched Heidi for that event? I thought it was mean, but kind of cool. :)
I'm excited to read more from you!