Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Time for Blogging

In an effort to preserve our marriage (just kidding, kind of....) I have to find a time to blog that will work for me AND my husband.

Here's the deal. He's been gone a lot this year, which has been a bummer, but when he's gone, I'm able to blog my little heart out. When it's just me and the kids, I put them to bed and then spend the evening all alone with the computer. It is a peaceful time for me. Some days, my favorite part of the day.

BUT when Nathan is home, he is gone all day, and needs to use the computer at night. Which puts a cramp in my blogging.

My best solution to this problem is to get a laptop, but last night I looked over and saw Nathan using our home computer AND his work laptop, both. At the same time. So I'm not sure if even having a laptop would help....

Nathan is gone again this week and I have 5 days of uninterrupted bloggingI think it is my chance to find a better time to blog that won't cause evening tension, you know?

One litle thing I need to consider is that I feel bad when I blog after the kids are in school. I don't mean to, but when I get on the computer I tune out John (our 4 year old) and get grouchy when he asks for my attention (ie -hey, I'm working here, get yer own glass of water...can't you just pull a chair over and climb up the pantry shelves to reach the goldfish crackers yourself, I'm busy...) That sounds terrible. But it's more true than not....

So, I'm wondering, what time of day do you blog?

Do you get up early and write before the day dawn breaks?

Do you blog after your morning run?

Do you blog after the kids are in school?

Do you blog during afternoon quiet time?

Do you blog between soccer games?

When does it work for you?


Donna Boucher said...

I blog first thing in the morning.
Katie knows it's my time to blog..and well...so does hubby on Saturday morning.

Of course I check in a gazillion times during the day. But the morning is the only time I am bothered if interrupted.

I don't feel guilty cause I spend A LOT of time with Katie. She is hardly neglected :o)

wendy said...

Donna - first thing as in before breakfast? or after breakfast and before school work?

Amanda said...

This is such a good question. I have really struggled with this lately. Now that school has started I try to do it in the morning while Megan watches a movie. (I also do blogging in the evenings after the kids are in bed when Scott is gone for churchy stuff) That way I feel less like I am ignoring her. Just shoving her in front of Nemo or something to entertain her. Yet I still feel guilty...especially after Sister Beck's talk, but even before that too. I know I really need to step back and take stock and reprioritize things.

wendy said...

amanda - exactly.

Deanne said...

I'll check my blogs in the morning (as I eat breakfast...yes, eating at the computer -gasp!- but hey I'm the adult and am mostly careful). When I write a post, mostly that is done in the afternoon during quiet time. If I'm able to shoot off a quick post in the morning then I'll do it then, but the bulk gets done in the afternoon.

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

I am really, really bad at this. If you come up with anything good, let me know.

I keep telling Bri "I need to quit blogging" and he never lets me.

Suzanne said...

I try to only blog during the weekdays and keep weeknights and weekends reserved for family time. That being said, here I am posting at 7:00 p.m. LOL! I try to blog when the kids are in school, but Jake isn't in school every day and not that long so I admit that I do the same thing with "getting snacks on your own". I'm trying to limit myself to just a couple of hours a day, but it's really hard when there are so many good posts to read and so little time.

I hope you can find a time that works for you! :)

No Cool Story said...

-what time of day do you blog? Mostly mornings. From the time the last kid leaves, until the first one arrives.

Do you get up early and write before the day dawn breaks? Yes, right after Firstborn and DH leave fro seminary.

Do you blog after your morning run?

Do you blog after the kids are in school? Yes

Do you blog during afternoon quiet time? Yes

Do you blog between soccer games? Umm, yes (if we had any)

When does it work for you?

Good luck Wendy!!

Terina said...

i can only even get on the computer at nights and on the weekends for the next few months. i don't have much of a choice as to when i blog now. before it was like this, i would read a blog here and there whenever i needed a few minutes to sit down, or when the kids were eating their lunch, or maybe while i was waiting for dinner to cook. everyone is different. but since i don't have my computer all day, i try and use the time i have as best as i can. but then sometimes (like last night) i was up way too late reading comments on times and seasons about sis. becks talk. and at the same time i'm trying to get to bed earlier... maybe when i have my computer during the day again....

dutchgirl said...

just de-lurking for a moment to say that I've enjoyed reading your blog and to commiserate ~ I am having the exact same problem! (my dh came home from a deployment in early August). I got a laptop, which did solve part of the problem, but I had to resolve that I will only blog when my toddler is asleep... so I'm reduced to naptime or late at night when my dh is asleep *yawn* otherwise somebody ends up feeling neglected!

muse said...

Mine is an empty nest, but when my husband is home we have to share the computer.
My favorite time is early in the morning when drinking water and then good strong coffee.

wendy said...

Deanne - I use the "I'm an adult and I can eat at the computer" comment, too.

Millie - Blogging = keeping a personal history. I'm pretty sure Pres. Kimball would approve.
Bri is right - quit quitting already!

NCS - okay, you found me out. That IS what I do. Go run, check blogs, eat breakfast, check blogs.....glad to know I'm not alone...

Terina - when I was only able to use the library computer to blog my house was a lot cleaner. Hmmm.

wendy said...

Dutch girl - thanks for commenting today! I hate to neglect anyone, too.

Muse - early in the morning is my running time, but I COULD get up a little earlier and use the 'puter...I guess...

nikko said...

I do most of my blogging in the morning after our walk between 8 and 9 a.m. -- K and P are watching Sesame Street (it's a whole hour!) and it's our kind of morning down time before we have to go to preschool or storytime or grocery shopping or whatever.

I usually check in many times during the day, unless I physically turn off the computer, which I'm planning on doing today. And, sometimes I'll get on in the afternoon while P is napping and K is reading/having quiet time.

And, like Amanda, when DH is gone in the evenings for churchy stuff, I usually get on for a bit, too.

Carrot Jello said...

Sometimes I blog in the middle of the night, sometimes early in the morning, and sometimes late at night.
Some days, my friend insists on babysitting for me, and it's just me alone in the house, so I blog.
Some days, I don't blog at all.
I try not to blog when my kids are home because they're more important than my silly blog.

Donna Boucher said...

Hi Wendy...back to be more clear.

Say I wake up at 7:00am
My husband is gone and I let the girls sleep.

On a good day I am done by 8:00.

And no one is awake yet...but me.

I eat after I blog.
Katie is not hungry early in the morning.

Lemon Stand said...

I have this problem too. After reading all these comments I feel like I should raise my hand and say "My name is Lemon Stand and I'm a blogoholic". LOL

For me, I have to steal time any time I can get it. Before I take the kids to school. After I get home from taking the kids to school. At night after dinner. Those are the times I most often find time to blog and surf.

Hope you'll let us know how you worked it out...