Monday, October 01, 2007

Monday To Do

I love to do lists! I like the way they move the things running around my head into a neat little pile on paper. I like how I can see that I've made progress by just drawing a line through what's been done. I like the way I feel motivated to actually DO the items on my list when I post them up for all the world (or atleast all my 6 readers) to see.

Nathan thinks my lists are a little silly. He always like to add Make a List to the top of my list, and then he marks it off. silly boy. He's been gone all month and gets home tomorrow, so this is the super-clean-up-the-house-so-I-can-pretend-I'm-a-good-wife kind of clean up. Luckily the kids are all home for fall break, so I've got my own clean up crew!

Make a list (for Nathan, since he's not here to write it in)
Run Run Run (I already did that, but I want to be able to cross off something!)
Shower (please, you really stink!)
Wash Sheets
Make Beds
Pay Bills
Clean Cooler
Do a cartwheel
Clean Bathrooms
Sweep (thank you Hannah)
Sing along to Paul Simon
Kitchen Clean up
Empty Garbages
Deliver donation bags to Goodwill
Watch A Room With a View
Go on a bike ride with John
Take a nap
Buy lettuce and don't forget to take it to Ivy's house to dinner
Bake cinnamon rolls

Here are the rules. I am not allowed to get on the computer again until I can cross 3 items off my list. No reading blogs. No commenting. No checking email. Nada, unless I get something done...

See you in a minute!


Deanne said...

add to list:

check, read, and comment on Deanne's blog (psst....she's got a new look!)

Happy list-checking-off day!!!

Amanda said...

You are a list making, cartwheel turning, Paul Simon singing awesome wife and mom! Yay for the clean up crew and yay for Nathan to be home. Is he leaving again for a deployment or is the deployment that you spoke of?

Amanda said...

Oh, and could you please send some of those cinnamon rolls?? They are yummy!!! :D

nikko said...

Hopefully you've gotten some things done today. :o)

Special K ~Toni said...

Glad to see nap is still there! Gotta have priorities!

wendy said...

Hi Guys - we've done a whole lotta clean up, but I still have more to do. waaa!

Off to read your blogs for 15 minutes...

txmommy said...

you are so funny!

and, if you are serious about the family kazoo fest, so cutting edge kool! I just saw a special on kazoos and how they are an underappriciated but ultra cool instrument. Fun!!

Ann M. said...

If I knew how to do cartwheels, they'd always be on my to-do lists. Yay!

Butterfly Wife said...

OK, Wendy, after the "no reading blogs. no commenting" comment you made, you know I had to see what time you left a comment at my place (and then I did the math)! :P You make me laugh!

And I love the "Make a list" item. I need to try that.

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Wow, what a good idea. I've seen you do the list before but never with the "before I can blog/comment/etc. I have to cross off three things" aspect. I might have to adopt that. :) You're so full of good ideas!!!

wendy said...

Ooo - Butterfly - good thing I didn't cheat!

Thanks Millie!

ann - I love cartwheels. I just did mine so I could cross it off my list!

tx mommy - We are totally serious about the Pacabel Kazoo Concert. Coming soon...

wendy said...

Not bad. I still need to dust, mop, pay bills, and take stuff to goodwill...tomorrow...

No Cool Story said...

You are so dedicated.
No wonder you couldn't make it to the book discussion. You're a good mama.

No Cool Story said...

"Watch A Room With a View"


Amanda said...

Phew!!! You did great!! We missed you yesterday, though you probably would have wanted to cover your eyes for part of the discussion. We wouldn't want to spoil anything for you! ;)

Lemon Stand said...

If I did this I would never have a chance to blog or comment. So glad to see that you were able to get most of your list crossed off. :o)