Monday, November 19, 2007

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

It's Monday, and once again the pile of laundry awaiting me is overwhelming. I just don't wanna do it.

I wonder why I am suprised(I am also surprised each time the spell checker tells me I've misspelled surprised. Does it really need that extra R?) each Monday morning by the vast quantity of dirty clothes that piles up over the weekend? It's like amnesia. It happens every week, and yet every week I am shocked at the sight of the overflowing laundry baskets. I should remember and do a load (or five) over the weekend.

I looked back through my blog and noticed a Monday morning laundry post trend, so instead of coming up with something new and clever, I just copied and pasted an old post here (originally posted Jan. 24, 2006)- it sounds so hopeful - an empty laundry basket? Is it possible?:

Each Monday Mrs. McNosh washes all the clothes and hangs everything up on the clothes line. She starts to get a little carried away and:

She hangs up the dog
and his dish and his bone.
She gets a wrong number
and hangs up the phone....

After a long weekend I feel like Mrs. McNosh. Every thing needs to be washed (including the dogs.) So far today we have washed, folded, and put away 4 loads of laundry. Emily and John have been folding and delivering for me. John is good at remembering whose is whose (sometimes rather tricky with 3 big sisters.) Right now our fancy new washing machine (thank you Nathan) is washing our sheets. Today is a beautiful breezy day, so I will hang them out to dry on the line.

An empty laundry basket seems like such a great accomplishment.


Deanne said...

Oooooo.....a fancy new washing machine?? What kind did you get? It isn't a Duet Sport, is it?

Ah yes, the never ending pile-o-laundry! I have yet to come up with a solution that keeps me ahead of the game, or at least keeping up with it. If you have any realistic ideas please let me know! *wink*

Mary said...

I'm doing laundry today. And every day it seems and there's always a new pile waiting for me. It's a wonder I can never find anything to wear with all of the clothes we have in our house!

I seem to do fine washing it, but getting it folded and put away is torture for me.

I'd like a picture of your fancy new washer. Sounds oddly exciting!

nikko said...

Oooh! New washer!

I, too, have been doing laundry today. Two loads down. :o)

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

I have a loveseat of clothes to fold, plus more in an overflowing basket on the floor of my bedroom.


That's the thing with dishes and laundry. If you do it right, it looks like you haven't done anything. It's all clean and put away out of sight.

wendy said...

I should have linked to where I posted that old post and mentioned the date in there (I'll do that now.)

That laundry post was from Jan. 2006. We replaced our super old hand-me-down washer with a "fancy" new washing machine. Not so fancy, though, just a nice regular machine that didn't make scary sounds or flood the laundry room.

Deanne said...

it would have been neat if you did have the Duet Sport - Ryan designed it when he worked at Whirlpool. Bummer! (but even I don't have one, double bummer) :)

Amanda said...

I actually did really good this weekend at keeping up with laundry. Yesterday my shock was from not having laundry overflowing when I went to do Monday laundry. Hardly ever happens!!

At least you don't have to wash the dog(s) anymore. Was that post written when you were dogtending?

Suzanne said...

I actually did pretty well with the laundry this past weekend, but that was only because I wasn't on the computer at all. Is that a bad sign? ***sigh***

You're right, that empty basket is a great accomplishment. I wish I accomplished it a little more often.

You know what's funny? Laundry actually used to be fun for me when I just had one child. It took very little time. I don't know how it's possible, but with just one more child, it's gone from doable to out of control. I'll keep working on it! :)

Elizabeth-W said...

We seem to operate under the assumption that the laundry should just stay done for a month or more. When we think about it logically we know that's crazy, but still we're su-prised that the baskets are full again! It's absolutely maddening to me. I wish I could just accept it. And I 100% agree with Millie. I like to see my piles, rather than putting them away. I tend to not put them away til Shazzy comes home and sees my piles, so he knows I've been doing something :)