Wednesday, November 21, 2007


We had preschool here this morning and let me just say that those 4 little boys are so cute. If I was a real blogger I would have taken photos of them in their Indian feather head bands. Today's letter was Ii. Indian. Ice. And Icing. We iced cupcakes. We used ice to write the letter I on construction paper. We made Indian headdresses and had a little Thanksgiving Powwow.

It was fun. I had fun. John had fun. I think the other boys had fun. Yea!

Piano lessons are happening right now. Our travelling piano teacher is great. But this song Hannah is working on doesn't really sound like a song. I hope it sounds better for the recital coming up in 2 weeks.

Next up is a trip to the Commisary (Eeeeeek!) for a few more Thanksgiving supplies (ie flour, onion, and canned pumpkin) How did I forget to buy the canned pumpkin?

After that adventure I am going to bake my pies and maybe go ahead and make Ree's Sweet Potatoes tonight to be re-warmed tomorrow. Or maybe I'll save the pie and sweet potatoes for tomorrow and I'll put on my jammies and start a movie, instead.

Luckily it has been a tiny bit cooler and a little rainy - it's feeling like Thanksgiving, even over here in Hawaii! I'm even wearing socks.


Deanne said...

Sounds like you are doing well on your list of things to finish for tomorrow. Now that I've folded all the laundry, I think I'm finally at a exhaling point on my list. Phew! Pie is made, kids are packed and bathed, and I'm ready to start on my own packing.

It's cooler here too (I have socks on my feet as well). :) It just wouldn't feel right for this holiday season if it was too warm. I'm ok with jammy pants and socks though. :)

Deanne said...

btw....."if you were a real blogger"???? Yeah right! :) We would have liked to see some adorable savages but your little story is enough

Elizabeth-W said...

Did you have a nice Thanksgiving? :)