Thursday, November 29, 2007


I should probably be doing a little tidying up, but instead I'm here!

Busy week! and busy day:

This morning Nathan's squadron had a Change of Command Ceremony. I was able to go, but it was a race to get myself dressed in real clothes (as opposed to my usual morning ensemble of running shorts and tennis shoes,) mascara on, the kids to school, John to preschool, and make it through the morning traffic down to Hickham AFB.

I had exactly 15 minutes between the time I dropped off the girls at school and when I could drop off John at his little preschool. So I decided to run to the Commisary to get a lei for the new commander's wife. The Commisary opened just as we were walking in, and the floral guy was stocking a fresh batch of lei's - what luck! But when I got to the register it turned out that the machines were not working. And they wouldn't take cash. or a check. or a card. So no lei. Oh well.

Nathan needed to wear his beret today for the event, but he hasn't worn it before, so he spent last night washing and rewashing and shaping and shaving his beret to get it into the correct shape. He even slept in it last night. Apparently wearing it all floppy is bad form. Who knew a well shaped hat took so much work?

Nathan had to be down there early, and by the time I got there, they were already standing in formation. And I couldn't spot Nathan in the crowd of green, even with his new hat.

The ceremony was lovely - the view of the ocean was beautiful and the speeches were short! It was a fun morning - wearing my favorite dressy shoes and pretending to be a grown up. Do you ever feel like that?

There is mosquito around here biting me. and now I'm all itchy. guess that means it's time to get up and get some laundry done.

Next up: Hula. then a training thing for YW. I would just like to mention that Young Women's is sooooooo much work and time...I had no idea what I was in for....that's another blog post...


Tori :) said...

I'm here in Utah freezing my butt off (I wish it WOULD freeze off) and you're at ceremonies by the ocean. NOT FAIR!!!! :D

Deanne said...

There you are! I've been wondering where my friend has been! Busy day for you! Sad about the lei....was it one of those fabulous plumeria ones? I LOVE plumeria! Are you tired of them yet, are they commonplace by now? :)

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Don't listen to Tori - she has a teensy butt.

I went to the beret website - the "freeze it dry" instructions were interesting, as were the chin straps. :)

Mary said...

I love that Nate-o really wore his hat to bed so it would be just right. Bummer about the lei, that would have been a nice way to secure your spot as favorite spouse!

wendy said...

Tori - sorry.

Deanne - I love plumeria. I'm trying to get a little plumeria to grow here in my yard, but it's not doing all that well...

Millie - I saw the chin straps, too. I'm not sad that he doesn't have to wear that!

Mary - As I was the only spouse that didn't HAVE to be there that attended, I'm doing okay in therunning for #1 spouse (even without the lei!) Go me! Just kidding.

Amanda said...

What!?! No pictures of your husband in his beret or you in your favorite dressy shoes.

We went to a murder mystery dinner at the Peterson's house (your old house) the other night. It was so much fun. Anyway, we were supposed to go in costume and Scott was supposed to wear a beret. We asked around assuming that someone in the military would have one. No luck!

Suzanne said...

I'm similar to you! Usually I'm pretty casual, but I really enjoy dressing up once in awhile! :)