Thursday, November 15, 2007

All about me?

If you had to write a little something to introduce yourself in 50 words (or less) what would you say?

Here's some ideas for me:

Wendy B is a member of the stroller brigade, the worried mom of teenagers club, and laundry haters anonymous.

Wendy B lives in Hawaii with her husband and 4 children. She enjoys eating pineapple, scuba diving, and surfing working on her tan.

Wendy B wants to be able to write something interesting here, but it turns out she's mostly likely to be found sitting on the couch picking her toenails.

Wendy B is a superstar mom of 4 brilliant children and wife to Air Force man who looks Hawt in (and out of) uniform.

Wendy B needs counselling, some new shoes, and help with her hair. You can read more about her fascinating life at www.rapidlife.blah blah



No Cool Story said...

That sounds just like you.

My life is pretty boring, I could do it in less that 10 words:
"Mexican/American NCS is married and has 2 teenagers".
The End.

Tori :) said...

Mine would sound somewhat like my twin's.
"Tori is married with 5 kids, 2 step-kids. Yes- 7 total. She is most likely certifiably insane."

Elizabeth-W said...

The first one is my favorite. Do you have to write something about yourself to go in a program or something?

Butterfly Wife said...

You are so awesome. You could say something like "and my online friends like me just the way I am, toenail picking and all."


Mary said...

Wendy B is da coolest.

Sorry I kept you on the phone for roughly 90 minutes today. 90! Did you get your kids fed and out the door? EEK! I love your guts!

Amanda said...

I like #2 bestest. :)

I'm afraid mine would be boring.
Amanda M is married with 4 kids and is most likely to be found among the piles of laundry.