Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Why a Blog?

I've been trying to talk my friend (I'll call her "Sarah") into starting a blog. It is something I love, and I think she would like it, too. (come on Sarah, just do it. Everyone else is...)

In discussing blogs with her, it has made me think about why I blog.

Why do I blog?

To be famous? (hold on while I check my site meter. yep. just like last week. 7 hits....) not so much.

Because I'm totally self centered and want to write about me! me! me? (maybe)

To make a political statement? no, though I do want to write more military-wife themed entries, I just get stuck and they end up in my draft file.

I don't really know what the blogging-draw is, but it fun. It is one thing I do just for me, and if it makes you laugh, then that's even better!

I started blogging in 2004, when Nathan was heading off on his first deployment (of a measely 3 months, Sarah. Sorry, I know that doesn't really count) as a way to keep in touch with him. I thought it might be easier for him to see photos on a blog than in an email.

I was pleasantly suprised to find that blogging can create real (imaginary) friendships.

I have been reading about Muse's life in Isreal for 3 years. I feel like I would recognize her on the bus if I ever got the chance to go to Jerusalem, where she would invite me to lunch and maybe a game of basketball. I love reading about her many hitch-hiking adventures, and have tried several of her recipes.

I would love to meet up with Miz Booshay at a Sheep Dog trial, then get her advice on what yarn to use in a sweater. Her daughter Katie and my daughter Sydney would have a great time doing cartwheels together and their freckles would match.

It has been especially nice to spy on our last hometown in Rapid City through my real life friend, Amanda's blog... I feel like I could pop in on one of her bookclub meetings and pick right up where I left off!

I love that my sisters are (mostly) all blogging. A hundred and fifty years ago we would all have lived in the same neighborhood and shared babysitting and recipes, but today we are scattered all over the USA. Laughing at silly things my nephews and neices have done, and watching them grow up on the blog has been a real blessing to me. I love that the blog gets me past the Sears Portrait wallet-sized-photo and into real life, you know?

I also like this record of my boring old life. I write about Things I wouldn't have gotten around to writing in my journal....How quickly the time goes!

So that's why I blog. To keep in touch with family and friends. To make friends. To have fun. To write about ME! ME! ME!

Why do you blog?


nikko said...

Same reasons... To record my day and the things my kiddos are up to, to share photos and fun things with family members all across the country, and to make new friends with similar situations in life.

Because it's fun!

Butterfly Wife said...

I blog to talk about me, me, me. Well actually more like to find people like me, me, me. I wanted to "meet" some people who were similarly situated who could relate to what I am going through. People like you! :D

Tori :) said...

Wait a minute- I thought blogging was all about ME? I'm confused now. It's about YOU too?? Oh... :)

Deanne said...

Initially I started because you are so cool and I wanted be like you when I grow up (still do!), that and it was a nice way for family and friends to know what was up in our world. Then it became a great way to scrapbook, if you will, the kids lives. Now, well, it's a way for me vent, er, talk about my regular ol' days and to 'meet' new people.

I LOVE it, thanks for getting me hooked!

Elizabeth-W said...

My FIL asked me yesterday if I'd read any good books lately, and I said, no, but I've read a ton of great blogs!
My # of books consumed has taken a dramatic dip since blogging unfortunately, or not....

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

I blog to stay sane, and to feel like there are other weirdos like me out there in the world. Basically so I don't feel alone, and because it's easier than talking my friends' ears off on the phone. :)

Amanda said...

I think I blog for many of the same reasons others have mentioned. It is a way to make friends (or stay in touch with those that move to Hawaii). To journal or keep a record of my life. To feel like I'm not alone in my whackiness.

Suzanne said...

Yep, I blog for many of the same reasons that you do. I love to journal family activities and my own thoughts. I love to get favorite memories written down, share ideas, make friends and mostly to laugh. I love Blogging! :)

Donna Boucher said...

Thank you Wendy! I certainly consider you a friend and I know we would get along so well in person...and so would our girls.

Really and truly!


Army Wife said...

I find journaling largely therapuetic. Seriously. There have been some surprises, meeting friends! Having a great supposrtive network with other "wives" that get it. WOW huge to me, since I am in the suburbs.

Army Wife said...

oh and my family was sick of me talking about "ME, and the kids"

wendy said...

Army Wife - it is a little bit like therapy...

No Cool Story said...

Just a few months ago I realized how long you had been blogging. I looked like this :O
I blog because I want to share the things that make me laugh. I found out that I'm not so alone in my insanity.