Thursday, September 09, 2004

Blog Numero Uno

Here I am on a quiet night. Kids are all asleep, Sam the dog is snoring and twitcing by my feet, and I am writing on my very own blog. Crazy. We made it through day 4 of Nathan's deploment, and I think we are going to be okay. We were all a bit weepy on days one and two, but now the fun begins! Nathan made it safe and sound to his new home in the Indian Ocean. It was fascinating to track his journey on our map at the kitchen table. He is far far away, and 12 hours ahead of us on his journey around the sun. This is a huge earth we live on.

This morning he called from his room and I was able to call back using about 35 numbers. Supposedly this routed my call through Hawii so that I will not have to pay a huge international phone bill (must call Qwest tomorrow to check the damage.) I was suprised when it worked and Nathan answered the phone. And there was no static. He sounds great. He met up with some buddies who have been there for the last 3 months and are coming home next week. He is already having fun, he went snorkling yesterday with Shalin and Abe(or was it this morning, or maybe tomorrow morning...) Sounds like he will have a great time in the sun while we enjoy a crisp fall and prepare for winter in the cold north.

With Nathan gone we have already had a couple of minor emergencies - the downstairs toilet nearly overflowed. Thanks to my quick actions it did not flood the room, but even after numerous whompings with the plunger it is still not flushing as well as it should. Dang. Nathan - where are you. Also the washing machine drain thing attempted to pop out of its hole and drench the laundry room AGAIN, but I happened to be walking by and got it back in place before it became a 10 towel crisis. whew. 4 days down. 96 (or so) to go.

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