Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hurricanes, Earthquakes, and Fires! Oh, My!

We heard there was a hurricane on the way, so we went to the beach!

We saw helicoptors dropping water on a wild fire near our home, so we stopped for some Shave Ice on the way.

Nathan and his brother, Terry, went scuba diving in "The Trench" while we snorkeled and played in the sand at Ali'i beach. They saw turtles:


(insert Jaws theme song)



A white tipped reef shark. About 7 feet long. Scary! (Nathan took some totally cool video of both the shark and turtle with his fancy new underwater camera - happy birthday to Nate - so if you know how to upload video to blogger, let me know.)

It was a beautiful day! And a great way to wrap up our visit with our fun California cousins!

I didn't feel the earthquake, and though we had a little bit of wind and rain, we didn't see much of Flossie.

I think there was a Tsunami warning along with an earthquake today in Peru? but that's been lifted. Let's see: Hurricane, tsunami, earthquake, drought, fire...Are there any natural disasters we're missing out on today?


ps - In the interest of honesty, that first beach picture is actually from a few days ago at a totally different beach, but it's a cute picture, isn't it? We really did go to the beach during the hurricane warning!


Mary said...

Wow, you really pulled out all the stops, showing your guests the beauty and DANGER of island life (haha)!

I love all the pictures. How long are Terry and fam there? Are you worn out from being such a great host?

Carrot Jello said...

You are a wild and cah-raaazy family!

Suzanne said...

Does life ever get dull there??? How funny that you still took time to stop and get shaved ice amidst all the natural disaters! :D

nikko said...

Cute pictures. So glad that none of those disasters actually affected you. On uploading video -- the only way I know to do it is to upload it onto another hosting site (like YouTube or Photobucket) and then link from your blog.

Yay for shave ice!

Deanne said...

I had heard a little of what was thought to have affected Hawaii...I thought of you. Glad to hear it all came to naught! And glad to hear that none of it grounded the Tiki Tours! :)

I have heard that uploading video to You Tube is easy. Once your video is on You Tube then it is also easy to add it to your blog. I look forward to the viewing pleasure soon!

Tori :) said...

Is it bad that I am soooo jealous of you? I would LOVE to live in Hawaii.
I use to do videos. They give you the code to embed it in your post. You upload your video to OTM, then you clip it or whatever you want to do, then you click on "Post it." It's way easy...

muse said...

Sounds like fun
Peru did get a quake.

Anna said...

I could go for some shave ice. Is it really so much different from the "shaved ice" that we enjoy here on the mainland? I am dying to know.

No Cool Story said...

I love sea turtles. I love the sea. I love the smell of the ocean. I love the sunset...
Yeah, I'll just go sit on my bed now and stare at the ceiling.


Amanda said...

So glad to hear Flossie, or anything else for that matter, didn't ruin your visit with family. Shaved ice is one way to deal with natural disasters. :)

I can't wait to see the shark footage. How scary and exciting!

Have you heard about the cute family that moved from Hawaii and into our ward a couple of months ago. I can't help but wonder the kind of let down they must be experiencing after living in Hawaii! At least they came here in summer and not winter! They have no idea!

Laurie said...

Randy is much awed at the shark and turtle photos.

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

Ditto on EVERYTHING Tori says... including I love using their website to clip and combine all my videos.