Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Healthy Eating

If someone tells you they "eat healthy" what does that actually mean?

Does it mean they eat Wheat Thins rather than Doritos?

Does it mean they eat the Reduced Fat Wheat Thins?

Does it mean they eat Uncle Bob's Organic Whole Grain Wheat Crackers?

Does it mean they eat no processed food and would prefer an apple, thank you very much?

What does it mean?


When I am "being good" that means I am eating oatmeal for breakfast. A sandwich and a salad at lunch. Or maybe a Bean Burrito no onions for lunch. And a good dinner without too much bread or second servings. No snacks. or maybe some popcorn at about 3pm. Lots of water.

But I'm pretty sure that's not really healthy eating. So, if your friend, who "eats healthy" is coming over, what do you just have around the house to serve?


No Cool Story said...

I believe it means eat carrots and apples. And drink lots of water.

If my friend who "eats healthy" is coming over, I have fruits and veggies.
'Cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance
Well they're no friends of mine.

Tori :) said...

I think when people say it they are thinking like no junk, eating veggies and fruit, etc...
When I say it I mean eating junk in moderation and drinking a few cups of water sometime during the day, along with my diet dr. pepper.

Terina said...

maybe some cheese would be good, and some whole wheat bread. but if they are "gluten free" people then the bread won't help. maybe some all fruit Popsicles as a treat.
and does being a healthy eater mean no ranch with my carrots??

Mary said...

Wendy, I have wondered this very thing! I like to read the NieNie blog you have listed on your sidebar and while I think that girl is very cute, but it makes me feel a little guilty on how perfect she seems with all her creativity and her REAL healthy eating - does she really cook like that all the time?

When I think healthy eating, I guess I think of food the way you described. If you want to go all out, try to find a Whole Foods or a Trader Joes and wander the aisles for some healthy food ideas. But I think fruit, veggies, wheat crackers, cheese and a few organic, whole-grain, gluten-free, sugar-free, no-trans-fat deep-fried twinkies will suffice.

Deanne said...

Mary has some good you have a Trader Joe's?? I was thinking some of the same things....fruit, cheese/crackers. Pretzels aren't too bad either (or should I say good?) they are fat free at least! I have a great fruit dip recipe...easy and delish, but not sure about the healthy factor, in fact, yeah, not good, but oh so good in other ways! But let me know if you'd like it. :)

Butterfly Wife said...

Fresh fruits, healthy nuts (like almonds), fresh veggies, lean cuts of meat, no-fat dairy products (yogurt), lots of bottled water. Actually, if possible ask this person to be more specific. You sound like you want to be accomodating to her diet and learn more about "healthy eating" at the same time.

Sketchy said...

Is she coming for lunch? I say a big ole salad if so. If not then maybe a veggie tray, if you just want some snacks.

If she has strong and specific dietary needs she would have given you stronger and more specific direction. Or at least she would if she expected me to provide food, lol.

Jessica said...

My idea of healthy eating is what you described, well-balanced, all-in-moderation, lots of water, etc.
However, most of the people I know who claim they are "healthy eaters" only label themselves that way because they are more extreme in one way or another. Like all organic, free-range whatever. Or they only drink goats milk and eat non-wheat grains.
Is she on some sort of diet? My one friend insisted that she was doing a "healthy eating plan" because she didn't want to call it a diet. But c'mon, it was totally a diet! It was strict and really not sustainable, red flags that its a diet. Like she could only eat non-fat dairy products (some of which are do-able, but non-fat cheese? Blech!!) Anyway, maybe you should ask her what she means, to get an idea of some things she does or does not eat.

txmommy said...

I couldn't have a friend like that. It's too stressful. My friends and I like to go to Chili's late at night and eat a molten chocolate cake chased by a basket of chips and salsa without our husband or our kids.

Maybe you could have some carrot sticks on hand and make a tofu something?

Amber said...

Everyone already took the words out of my mouth. You and I sound similar in our eating habits. I eat plenty of healthy things but have enough indulgences that I couldn't consider myself a healthy eater.

Excuse me while I go have some swedish fish. Oh wait. Don't those count as protein?...

utmommy said...

Eating healthy? What is that?