Thursday, December 15, 2005


Last night we had breakfast for dinner, and as a special treat I decided to try Baile Rochel's "super-simple and almost healthy sufganiyot", a recipe from me-ander

Sufganiyot is the Hebrew word for Jelly Doughnut. These did not have jelly, but were fried in lots of oil. The batter for these little fried balls is very similar to pancakes, though you use yogurt instead of milk. The batter was a little tangy and it gave the fried balls great flavor.

The Sufganiyot were? really yummy, and the kids were gobbling them up as fast as they came out of the pot. They reminded me of Grandma's toughies. Yum!

I have never actually fried anything in so much oil, and now there is a pot of oil sitting on the stove. How do you dispose of cooking oil? I probably shouldn't just dump it down the drain, but I also don't want to keep it on the stove forever. Do you reuse oil? Should I just strain it and put it back in an oil jug? or should I contact the hazardous waste disposal people?


Batya said...

Wow the picture made me hungry! You can reuse the oil for more or for pancakes, but not for other things. It's not clean oil. Keep it separate in the fridge. I guess if it didn't get smokey, it could go in a cake.

Thanks for the links.

texasblu said...

I'd stick it in a can nd throw it out. I hate reusing oil. I know people do it all the time, and use bacon grease for refrying and things, but I just can't. I'm too modern I suppose - it's just gross.

Those look really good!

Athena said...

How do you pronounce Sufganiyot? It sure looks delicious. I continue to learn new things everyday--sufganiyot!

Mary said...

I was also wondering how that was pronounced. They look delicious!

I don't remember either of our grandma's making "Toughies." It sounds like a Grandma McB thing though. Perhaps she only made them when we were younger. THe only thing I remember her making for us to taste was all of that no-sugar jam and mayo and everything she would heap on a spoon and try to force into our unsuspecting mouths...hahahaha!

wendy said...

Gma McB made the toughies - the fried dough balls covered in cinnamon sugar. mmmm. Sorry you only experienced the mayo taste-testing. I don't ever remember actually tasting the mayo or the jam, but I did love her carmels.

Mary said...

That's right, I forgot about the carmels - wrapped in wax paper. Those were heaven!

muse said...

accents on the first and last syllables.
suf ga ni yot