Thursday, December 08, 2005

Choose The Right

Hannah and I made these ornaments for our Primary teachers as a little Christmas gift/thank you from the Primary Presidency.

I found the silver glass balls at Lowes ($2.50 for a dozen.) And we wrote on the balls with a green paint pen ($3 at Hobby Lobby.)

While I was making them I thought the shields looked uneven and silly, but it's been 2 weeks since I last looked at them, and now I think they look great! I hope our teachers like them.

on the other side


Mary said...

Cute idea!

MJ said...

How fun!

muse said...

You're so talented.

shanny said...

Wow, they look neat! Did you draw them freehand? If you did - then you did very well! So what is the effect when you turn it on - is there a shadow on the wall?

I know what you mean -often we are judgmental of what we have done but give it a little time and you suddenly see it in a similar light to what everyone else is!

wendy said...

Shanny - they are not lightbulbs, just simple silver balls for the tree. It would be cool if they lit up and left a CTR shield up on the wall - kinda like Batman or something.

texasblu said...