Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Weather Girl

I had to retire my weather girl this summer, because she became more of a weather bimbo. Even though she is just a cartoon, she was embarrassing me, and since I don't want my girls to think dressing like that is okay, I decided to let her take the summer off - I was worried what she would be wearing when the weather got really hot.

Now that it is cold, I decided to invite her back. She is dress all in fur from her head to her foot, tonight. I think our weather should keep her modestly dressed, atleast for a while.


We had the missionaries over for dinner tonight. Usually we have a nice dinner for them, but we were a little less than high class tonight. We had dentist appointments* at 3pm, so I planned an easy dinner. I bought hotdogs, buns and stuff for chili. I also bought canned chili, just in case if the dentist took longer than expected - but we got home just in time to put the chili on the stove and a cake in the oven.

Ummm, it was soooo good. It seemed like I made tons of chili - it filled my whole pot, but by the end of the night, the Elders were scraping the bottom of the pan for just one more bowl. We served the chili with fritos and cheese and sour cream, and also hot dogs!

I have been thoroughly brainwashed by the Barrett family. As a child, eating hot dogs was a rare occurance (and not necessarily a treat,) saved for Mom and Dad's date nights, or the 4th of July. But when I started eating with the Barretts I found that hot dogs were served almost weekly. It sicked me out when we were first married, but now I find chili dogs strangely comforting.

We topped off the chili dogs with a yellow cake with chocolate frosting and some Christmas cookies. Our Elders are transfering on Thursday, so it was nice that we were able to have them over before they headed to North Dakota.

*Hannah and Sydney were cavity free. Wooohoooo! The dentist did recommend that Hannah have an orthodontic assessment sometime this Spring: $$$. But he said that Sydney's teeth look like they will all come in really well - when she is about 10 years old her teeth will look a little crowded, but if we just hold off until around 14 her jaw will catch up and her teeth will be fine. Emily and John got to ride on the fun yellow chair and the dentist did a quick check. All is well.


Athena said...

Cavity free! I love to hear those words when we visit the dentist. Good for you all! :-)

Mary said...

I think I have yet to hear "cavity free" for me when I've gone to the dentist...dang. Speaking of which, did you get your teeth cleaned? I am way way way over due for a cleaning and probably lots of fillings. Yikes.

wendy said...

I was cavity free at my last cleaning in June - that may have been a first. I am due to have a cleaning in early January, but our dentist is no longer taking our insurance. I found a dentist for the kids(our first pediatric dentist and we really like him,) but I have not yet found one for me. And I probably won't think about it again until january.

texasblu said...

Nice o see your weather girl again! Funny how we think of things like that!

We LOVE chili dogs! I don't buy hot dogs much, but when we do, chili goes into the basket too!

MJ said...

I've worried about my Weather Girl - I mean I've kept her oh-so-immodest-self up on the blog watching things get skimpier and skimpier as temps rose to 115 degrees...Advice from you heeded, and I too will modify her when the weather warms up.

Your Elders get to go to much more exotic locals than ours! Here, Elders transfer from one side of the valley to the other, and if they are lucky, they may end up in the mountains or down in Yuma for a transfer. The sisters seem to end up primarily at the Visitor's Center/Temple Grounds. Obviously, all the Elders want to be doing a mountain transfer in the summer, and a Phoenix transfer in the winter:) I've felt sad for the Elders here, it's not like Phoenix is a hotbed for missionary work...quite a challenge (but not as bad as UT or ID!).

Yipee! For the cavity free. I am not able to say that for one of my kids:(