Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Nate's Bow

Nathan gets new hobbies all the time. His latest is bow making - as in a bow and arrows. Late one night we watch a man as he used hand tools to carefully make a bow staff? and Nathan decided he wanted to try it. He talked a friend into building one, too, and they ordered the stuff that they would need.

He got a big long chunk of wood in the mail, and then a fancy draw knife, and yesterday he started working on the bow.

In the Workshop

Nate's Bow

It is starting to really look like a bow. He says he plans to hunt a pig while he is in Guam. Boys are strange.

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Anonymous said...

Holy Cow, Nate and John are so cute. I think the pig hunting sounds fun. Mmm pig. Just kidding, but the bow is really neat, and I love the ornaments. When Juddah was born we got a baby rattle. Waa Hoo Nate