Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas Projects

2 Little Pigs

Nathan made some fun things for the kids for Christmas. Aren't these little piggy banks fun!

Hannah's Shelf

Nathan was a little sneaky with this shelf. Hannah thought he was making it for me, and it was fun to see her face when she realized it was for her.

I made a couple things, too - handkerchiefs for dad, chickens for mom, and nightgowns for the girls and their dolls.

Muy BWayne-o

I saw pictures of handkerchiefs like these last Spring. My dad always has a cloth handkerchief in his pocket, and I figured it was about time for a couple new ones. As Christmas got closer I searched for the pictures I had seen earlier, but I could not find the blog that I had visited before. So I had to go it alone, and I think they turned out really cute.

Oh Chickens!

The chickens are for mom's kitchen. Nathan cut out all the wood and I just painted them. I even sanded the edges - I felt like a real tole painter! Next thing you know I'll be sponge painting the walls in my kitchen.

Here are the girls and their dolls on Christmas morning with their matching nightgowns.

3 dolls

John was not forgotten, I made him pj pants, and Nathan fixed the climbing bear for him.



John can make that bear really move!


Laurie said...


Love the handmade gifts! They are beautiful. The handkerchiefs for dad are especially clever.


Mary said...

I love that you and Nate made each kid a speical gift. That is so great! We got a good laugh out of the handkerchiefs!

Laurie said...


One question for you. One of Dad's hankerchiefs says "24". I'm not sure if I "get" this one. Is it a reference to the TV show "24"?

wendy said...

The 24 is in celebration of dad's upcoming 24th birthday.

texasblu said...

I love homemade gifts! That's fabulous...

I made each of the kids something too... fabric folders for my oldest, a jeans purse for my girly girl, Coppertop got a fleece tie blanket, my son and nephew got matching pj's and a quiet book to share. :) I wasn't so creative with Dad - the handkerchief idea is darling!

Mary said...

Wendy and Laurie, dad totally got the "24" one. I love how we are all "older" than he is. My favorite was "Muy Wayne-o"

muse said...

You're all so talents.