Monday, July 10, 2006

This week's cleaning focus (a al Flylady) for me is The Kitchen. So I spent 15 minutes this morning cleaning out some cupboards and found 3 boxes of All Bran. Three? No one here actually eats All Bran. Must have meant to make muffins. I put buttermilk on my shopping list - maybe this week I will actually mix up a batch of Mom's bran muffins.

I also found 4 plastic storage containers that are just the right size for holding a container of cereal. I never use these here, and my first thought was - I will put these in the Goodwill box. Then I remembered why I bought those containers.


Big Bugs.


In Florida you don't just roll down the top of your cereal bag and close the box. You use a plastic storage container to keep the cereal crisp in the humidity, and out of reach of the animal life.

I forgot all about that.

I will need to keep those containers for Hawaii. Yuck.


Mayr said...

I didn't know you did flylady. I haven't done that, but my mother-in-law tried it and talked about it a bunch, so I've read about it. Do you put your shoes on when you get up in the morning? See, I love my house clean, but the thought of wearing shoes inside all day would kill me. Socks would even be a challenge.

About the cereal box containers, very smart! I am sure your humid/bug skills learned in Florida will come in handy in Hawaii (why do I always want to say it "ha-wi-ya"?)

texasblu said...

lol! yes - you will need those!

So you're a flybaby eh? I read her stuff - I already have a system that works pretty well for me. I think the most profound thing I read on her website was the page that she talks about talking to her born organized friend and she asked her how she kept her house so clean. The friend answered - "I just pick up after myself".

Now if I can jst get my kids to do that..... lol!