Tuesday, July 04, 2006

4th of July

Happy Independence Day

I love the 4th of July. Probably because it is right before my birthday, and I secretly think all the hoopla is just for ME!

The 4th of July is a big dang deal in Rapid City South Dakota, and so far we have already gone to a parade, watched 2 B-1 fly-by's and one B-52 fly-by, watched the city fireworks show from our back porch, celebrated with hundreds up at Mt Rushmore, listened to a marching band and other groups perform, and watched a huge fireworks display. And that was all before today!

Today we are recooperating from the 2.5 mile hike up to Mt. Rushmore in the driving rain, a day spent sitting on damp sheets in a field, strained neck muscles from watching the 29 minutes of fireworks above the heads of Washington and Lincoln, and the 2.5 mile hike back to the car with sleepy kids who needed to be carried all the way down. Later, when we are all rested, we are going to go to a neighborhood BBQ, eat lots of good food, and light up a few more fireworks.

What a great way to prepare for my 30th birthday!!!!

I have been working on a list of things to do this summer. It is not complete, but one item is to blog 30 times this summer. This is blog #256... stay tuned for tomorrow's blog #257 where I post the incomplete List of 30 Things To Do the Summer I Turned 30 and you can give me a few ideas!


Joyce McB said...

I can remember the day you were born Wendy - all the Hoopla was just for you! In 1976 in Modesto they celebrated on the 5th for some reason. We started to drive down to where the fireworks were going to be shot off when I realized we could have you that night. I was afraid of getting caught in the traffic so we turned around went home and shot off a few fireworks with Heather & Laurie and then waited for your arrival. Happy 4th of July! Mom

Joyce McB said...

30 did you say 30? I can't believe it! Mom

Mary said...

What a fun 4th of July! What else can you guys do to celebrate? It seems like you've done it all! On the news tonight they showed fireworks above Mt. Rushmore, you must have been there!

30 things to do when you turn 30, what a fun idea!

Laurie said...

Whoo-Hoo! 30 years old! Awesome!!