Saturday, July 08, 2006

Miles today: 4
Miles this week: 16

Goal #14 is to jog along all of our city's 13 1/2 mile bike path. It is a nice little paved trail that follows Rapid Creek through the center of town. The path goes around ponds, next to playgrounds, under roads, and over the river. It also has several water fountains and restrooms nearby.

So far I have been on about 7 miles of the path. My favorite thing is seeing all the people out walking dogs and biking and jogging along the way.

Last week I set my timer to go off after 15 minutes, so that I would have a 3 mile round trip. Just as my alarm went off signaling me to head back to the car, a police car pulled up near me and parked his car in a parking area along the trail. I wondered if he would think it was odd if I just turned right around and ran away. So I kept on jogging a little further - to the next bridge, then turned around and went passed him as his police dog was out getting some exercise.

Today I started at that parking spot and went about 20 minutes further along the trail. I went around a couple of nice ponds and got a drink at two different drinking fountains. I also passed some lovely city gardens, and ran along side a train (John would have loved it!)

On my way back I noticed a police car driving slowly on the road near a part of the path. I lost sight of him as I ran under a road. I heard the crunch of a tire on the path, and looked back thinking that a bike was getting close to passing me, but it was the police man driving right behind me under the bridge. Yikes! I didn't even realize the path was big enough for a car to use! Isn't that strange? He then turned off the path and drove across the grass to the road and stopped to talk to a man that was laying on the grass. I imagine he was just checking to make sure the path was safe, etc. But it kind of freaked me out.

I enjoyed the last mile of my jog - back around a pond, another stop at a drinking fountain, and under one last road. I didn't have any more police sightings. I can't decide if it is a good thing that the police make sure that the trail is safe, or if it is a scary thing that the police need to patrol the path the keep it safe. I think I will bring Sam with me next time as I jog up near The Chapel in the Hills and the Fish Hatchery.

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texasblu said...

Would have freaked me out a little too. You can never be too careful - I walk over at the school track with a buddy or right around the house... although were moving within the month (well, it looks like it anyway) so I'll have to reestablish a new routine. Anyway, be safe! :)