Friday, July 28, 2006

Last night we headed out to the base to see Cars. What a fun movie! John loved it! And we saw lots of families from our ward out for a cheap family night. 6 thumbs up from our family. Fun!


On our way out to the base we could see smoke from a fire. On our way home a couple hours later, the smoke was incredible, it had blown clear across the sky and we could smell the fire. And when we were up high on a hill we could see the glow of the fire, though I read today that we were most likely seeing the backfire that the firefighters had set to help control the burn.

Piedmont Wildfire

I found this picture at the Rapid City Journal Wildfire Blog. They are updating with more photos and info of the fire all day. Last night the fire covered 200 acres and now it is more than 2000. This not far away out on the prairie, but on the hills north-east of town. People are being evacuated and some structures have burned. There are helicopters and planes out working today.

It is supposed to be over 100 F again today. The hills around Rapid City are lush with dry grass. So if you are driving through - no flicking your cigarette butts out the window!


Mary said...

Is the fire being controlled yet? I hope so!

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