Thursday, July 13, 2006

Buttonhole Bag

Isn't it cute! I knit up this little bag in just a few days. It is knit with large needles and two strands of wool yarn. Then it is felted. This is the first time I have felted anything and I was very nervous about ruining it in the wash. But it turned into the cutest little thing!

Doesn't it look just like a little Easter Egg in the grass:


Donna at Quiet Life makes these little bags all the time and I have been interested in making one for a while. I found the pattern for the Buttonhole Bag at Mason-Dixon Knitting.

I took my new little bag with me to the eye doctor yesterday (my eye sight is slightly worse than last year - no much but a little - waaa) and it was a nice size for holding my wallet, my contact case and a little bottle of solution, my eye glasses, and my perscription. It would hold one or two small diapers and a baggie of wipes if you have a new babe to keep you company (Laurie and Heather and Mary), or a paperback book and some sunblock and your swim pass, or a camera and a snack, or....

It was so fun to knit that I picked up a little more yarn and have started another one - I should be able to finish it at the park today.


Mary said...

Adorable! Did the yarn naturally make the stripes, or did you do that yourself? I have loved seeing those bags on Donna's site and had no idea how quick they were to do. Maybe I'll try one when life settles down a bit, perhaps a good fall project. Great job!

texasblu said...

too cute! Can't knit to save my life! lol!

wendy said...

I put in the stripes - I bought the dark pink wook and the green wool, and I had a little of the light pink left over from another project.

I just started up a stripe when I thought it would look nice.

Donna Boucher said...

I absolutely love the colors you chose! I want one just like it!!!

Those bags are like potato chips...can't make just one!!!

Great job!

What yarn did you use...exactly?
I want to copy you!

Laurie said...


Donna Boucher said...

So...don't you want me to copy your bag? It's so pretty....please share your yarn with me.

wendy said...

Whoops - sorry Donna! Of course you can copy it! But I am a loser and I don't exactly know what kind of yarn I used. I am trying to find it...

The pattern called for Bulky Yarn, but I had some that is more of a worsted weight and that is what I used.

The light pink is Paton's Classic Wool Merino - Medium? in Petal Pink.

The bright pink and the green were from (dare I admit it?) Hobby Lobby - Lion Brand medium/worsted weight. In a bright pink and a spring green - but I don't know the actual color name.

I don't have the papers from the the LionWool site mentions a sage and a dusty rose, but the colors I bought seemed brighter.

Sorry I am not more help, Donna, I will keep searching for the yarn info!

Donna Boucher said...

Hey! Thanks for trying!

Ya never think anyone is going to want to know such specific information about a project....but we knitters are a stange bunch :o)

Kay said...

I love the Lily Pulitzer colorway! Will be perfect for Hawaii! xox Kay

Annabelle said...

I haven't knit in a long time but this purse has got me very interested again. I have a question about one of the stitches. SSK...slip 1 purlwise, slip 1 purlwise, insert left needle into the front and knit 2 together. I can't figure out how you knit these two stitches. Is there a better way to explain this process. Is there a way to communicate with me by email? Or is it best to do it here on the site. Please help because I can't wait to start this project. Thanks so much.