Sunday, January 11, 2009

To Do 2009

I love To-Do lists. I keep little lists all over the place. Lists of books I want to read. Lists of things I need to remember to not forget. Lists of groceries. Lists of stuff for Nathan to do.

I like to think of New Year's Resolutions as the mother of all To-Do lists. I think I did pretty ding-dang good last year with my list of goals. Woohoooo for no car payment!

With just one year left in Hawaii, my goal list for 2009 revolves around making the most of our time here.

Learn to Surf
Go whale watching
Go to the Kona Temple
Have family photos taken on the beach
Hop to Guam
Hike the Haiku Stairs
Read, Pray, Smile everyday
Keep a reading log
Keep a running log
$ave $ome $$$
Work on Food Storage
Try one new recipe a month

That should about do it.

Do you set New Year's Resolutions?
Is there something that you are particularly proud of accomplishing from last year?


Mrs.Field's Cookies said...

i like the goal to try a new recipe per month- i might have to try that too. p.s. that toad is SCARY!!! i would have yelped... more than once if i saw that near my house!

Elle Bee said...

Great list! I bet you'll do it all. you're good like that. I'm not so good at keeping mine. But this year I resolve to do better at keeping my resolutions! HA!
Drink more water
Eat more veggies
Read the bible more
Hmm...I know there's more. See? I need to make a list!

Marie said...

I like to make lists also! And if you end up coming to Guam, let me know! I would love to see you!

Mary said...

I like your list! My one resolution is to take a hip hop dance class with my friend Lynette. Talk about leaving your comfort zone! I'm not sure if we'll really do it, but doesn't that sound awesome?

It seems like I had others in mind, but my mind is now blank!

Anonymous said...

I love your list! I am a list gal my self. This year I am for going The Big one. To settle back into my day to day. I know where I am going. So my goals of the day are aimed to take there.

I do want to work more on food storage this year.

tootie said...

I've always wanted to learn to surf. I'll be interested to hear more about it!

Kat said...

My husband and I want to hike the Haiku Stairs also. First we are going to hike Koko Head Crater. I also want to go whale watching.

Wanted to tell you that we have a habit of commissary hopping. Kaneohe Commissary is pretty nice.

And when we went to Waikele Outlet my son got a really good deal on socks and I picked up a shirt at Banana Republic for $9.

Enjoy your day.!

wendy said...

Kat - I've heard they post a guard at the stairs to keep people off. But if you arrive really early, before he gets there, you can hike with no trouble. I wonder if we have time to swing by Waikele...

Tootie - I've tried before. I was not successful... I'll have to post some links of previous un-surfing adventures

Jenny - what's the big one?

Mary - Then you guys could have a dance off during your garage band competition! Hannah took a hip-hop class last summer. She really enjoyed it. I would hurt myself...

Marie - will do! Did you get your hotel stuff figured out for when your family comes to Hawaii?

Elle Bee - drink more water, eat more veggies - should add that to my list

Erin - first I though, a new recipe a week. Then I thought - who am I kidding. Once a month will work. I hope!

Tucker and Kira said...

Great resolutions! And the best parat is... Iknow you'll keep them and get them done! You're my motivation to be better! Can't wait to see fam pics on the beach!
PS That toad was nasty, but Sydney is beautiful!!!

Jon and Janene said...

the more I read your blog the more i miss you all. Hey there are a few pictures of the kitten on the previous blog on our page. I'll post more another time.

veesquaredaway said...

Hi I'm a fellow Navy Wife Blogger, and I've been reading your blog for months now! It's wonderful! :) I'm originally from Guam, it's beautiful! When I get a chance I'll do a post of life on Guam! :)

Take care, and Happy Blogging!


Jrzy Army Wife said...

Nice list... you are totally brave to hike the Haiku Stairs. I'd be too freaked out.

Marie said...

In the end, we decided to help my Mom pay for a plane ticket to come here. I am so excited for her to come and see everything. Not as nice as Hawaii but...we'll make do!

Brando said...

We were just in Oahu visiting my hubby's aunt. She managed to hike the Stairway by getting there early in the morning before the guard arrived. As they made it to the bottom, they feared they would get a ticket or worse but the guard just laughed and said, "Guess you beat me here. Just tell your friends that the stairs are closed."

She said it was the scariest thing she's ever done. I've seen them- you're brave for even wanting to try!

wendy said...

Brando - my friend just hiked it a month or so ago and said that when they came down the stairs the guard just asked them how the view was today.... I might be too scared to do it, to be honest.

Tori :) said...

I have a lot of the same goals. I just don't live in Hawaii. :(