Saturday, January 24, 2009

This and That

Nathan is building another Ukulele. He's got the body all formed and is working on the fret board today. It has been so interesting to see it coming together.

Steam bending the sides in the kitchen.

Hannah picked up my Uke yesterday and it turns out she knows how to play. I know she can play the guitar, but I was surprised to hear that she can play the ukulele with more of a Hawaiian sound. She says lots of kids at school play the ukulele, and it is not uncommon to see (and hear) local kids playing while walking between classes.

I am going to start a beginning ukulele class this Thursday night. I'm a little nervous.

I had a great run this morning. 6 miles. I ran six miles last Saturday down on Hickam AFB and thought I was going to die on the last mile. Today I ran from our house up toward Kole Kole Pass. The first 3 miles slightly up hill. Then down hill all the way home. I did not feel like I was going to die. That's improvement!

We watched City of Ember last night for movie night. Sydney and I recently read the book. The book was really good. I liked the look of the city in the movie, but I fell asleep before it ended, so I'm not sure how it all worked out.

I always fall asleep during family movie night. Reminds me of my dad. Snoring away during the movie....


today's run: 6 miles
this week: 15.5 miles
this month: 45.5 miles


Elle Bee said...

Wow Wendy, way to go on the 6 mile run! Uke class sounds fun! Don't be nervous. :o)

Don said...

I love playing on my uke, although I don't get the chance as often as I would like. A class would probably help me a lot. And it's not a special, hand-made custom job, either - I'm jealous!

We also watched City of Ember last night for movie night. I enjoyed it. We finished the book not long ago, and I think they did a good job with the movie. Except for the big bugs and the giant mole - what was up with that?

Mary said...

It's cool Nate is making another uke. Is that so you won't have to share? Good luck with the classes, will they be with a group? It will be fun!

I love the book City of Ember (did I read it at your house?) so maybe we'll need to check the movie out. I love that I'm not the only one turning into dad when it comes to movies - I just can't help it!

Great job on the long run! See ya sista!

wendy said...

Don - we were wondering the same thing - that Mole was creepy!

Mary - I think you did read it at our house. The ukulele class a "community education" class offered at the high school on Thursday nights for 6 weeks. It is a group class. If I like it, I can go on and do 6 more weeks of "advanced".

tootie said...

The ukulele class sounds so fun!

And congrats on the 6 miles!

txmommy said...

i always fall asleep,'s sad.

No Cool Story said...

I want to be able to run 6 miles like you, I am half way there!

Anonymous said...

I have not heard of City of Ember. Will have to check it out. Like you I found my self falling asleep while we watched TV the other night. Hubby sent me to bed!

Mrs.Field's Cookies said...

Hey wendy I fall asleep watching movies too - it must be a family trait. Also good luck in your class it sounds fun.