Friday, January 16, 2009

Storm's a Brewin'

School was cancelled (does canceled have one l or two?) because of possible big winds today. That seems kind of odd to me, to cancel school because of a maybe storm.

We've had some wind and the rain has come in, but mostly we're just lounging around in our pj's wondering if we have any treats to snack on... This guy, though, lost his roof in the storm last night.

I'll find a way to send a message if the storm gets bad!


Kat said...

We are over in Pearl City and right now the sun is shining and it is a little windy.

No Cool Story said...

Stay safe.

Amy Tree said...

I remember being sent home from school because of a typhoon once in Japan, it flooded quite a bit inland.

Tucker and Kira said...

Good luck through the maybe storm. I hope your roof stays on!
I love the picture of Sydney. She gets more beautiful every time I see her. They all do...except John, who gets more handsome!