Sunday, January 04, 2009

Dear Me

Dear Computer,

Please please please let me upload those photos from the new mixer vs. old mixer smack-down and New Years Eve at the beach. Pretty please!

Your old friend,

Dear Hannah's little cute camera,

I heard that the humid salty air of Hawaii was hard on delicate electronics like yourself, but one year seems like such a short life to me. Is there something we could do to convince you to stick around a little longer? Aren't we cool enough for you? We will miss you!

Hannah's Mom

Dear Edward,

You were rather yummy in your debut movie, though I think you got a little carried away with your hair. Tell Bella "Hi" for me.

Swooning, even though I still like Jacob better,

Dear Kidos,

We have 10 more days of winter vacation. What do you wanna do? Wash windows? Clean the blinds? Go whale watching?


Dear Wahiawa 2nd Ward,

I love 8:30am church! We were home before I would have even gotten everyone dressed for church last year. Yippee for an afternoon nap and time after church to have friends over for dinner!

Sister B

ps - could you please tell the RS that it is cruel to pass out giant sized candy bars on fast Sunday, even if they do come with this year's lesson schedule.



Mrs.Field's Cookies said...

YIKES! 8:30! That is so early! Forest some times sleeps past that time. We have 1 o'clock church and I am not a huge fan of that either!

Hannah is embarrassed and creeped out. said...

Dear Mom,
I think it is a little creepy that you find a younger man so "yummy". Even IF he really is extreeeeeeeeeeeeemely attractive. Also, it is no fault of mine that the darn camera broke. Just so you know.


P.S. wanna buy the twilight soundtrack for me? (:

wendy said...

sorry hannah. yummy does sound a little embarrassing, now that I think about it. Is cute okay?

Annie said...

I was not an Edward, until I saw the movie. At little charisma and hair gel goes a long way. I still like Jacob better.

Mary said...

I just saw the show this weekend adn I have to say, I was much more of an Edward fan after seeing it - though book Jacob is still my favorite.

Bummer about the camera!

8:30 church sounds rather early, but I am totally excited about our 9 a.m. time - afternoon naps! Yay!

nikko said...

I'm laughing at Hannah's comment. Ha! I guess it's always nice to know if your kids read your blog. So far mine could care less.

We just switched from 8:30 to 1:30 church. I'm not sure which is worse. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

We got the 9am! I think I am going to love it.

The large candy bar on fast Sunday....What a no no. :)

I think I am caught up with you. I know I have been behind. Will have to share the frog photo with my little boy who will think it is cool.