Wednesday, January 14, 2009


We went to the beach on Saturday and made a new friend.

He was just laying out, catching some rays.

I think he just winked at me. Or maybe he fell asleep. It was very relaxing on the beach, with the waves rolling in.

It was a little overcast and I didn't feel like swimming. We had gone to the beach the night before and I wasn't actually interested in being at the beach. I'm sad to say that I was grouchy. I hate that. Grouchy at the beach is unusual for me. Grouchy when we get home and I find a beach sized pile of sand next to the bathtub is more common.

Hanging out with a few turtles made me feel a little better.

Ali'i beach is a great spot to see turtles. There is a beach further along the North Shore called "turtle beach". Bus loads of tourists stop there to see the turtles. There are even volunteers who stand near the turtles and make sure visitors don't harrass them. I'm surprised they don't sell turtle t-shirts. It is a busy beach.

This beach is not busy, but we see turtles here all the time. Plus there is good parking, and bathrooms. Important things.

+ # + # + # + #

School is back in today. The kids were home for about a month for winter break. We didn't do anything too exciting, but it was nice . Lots of sleeping in and playing outside and going to the beach. It is nice to be back to a regular schedule.

Nathan's online masters program is back, too. Which means evening computer time is a hot ticket item. I fell asleep last night to the lullabye of the professor's lecture.


running log
today: 4 miles
this week: 11.5
this month: 24.5


Elle Bee said...

Wendy, what cool photos! It's so awesome that you live in such a beautiful piece of the world!

Butterfly Wife said...

Did the turtle call you "Duuuuddddddde"? He looks like he would if he woke up.

Seriously sweet to be hanging with the turtles. (Did I ever tell you I have a turtle tattoo?)

Catch you later, duuuuudddddddddde.

tootie said...

I love the turtles! We took lots of pictures of them when we visited Hawaii.

I laughed about your computer time. My hubby just started an online Master's, too, and I think we'll be playing tug-of-war with the computer ;)

Mary said...

What a cool turtle! The beach sounds so nice and I'm glad you got un-grumpy to enjoy it!

Did you guys end up going to Bellows for new years? How was it?

No Cool Story said...

I love sea turtles!!! They are so beautiful.

jlc said...

Omg I want your life. Finding turtles on the beach?? How awesome is that.

wendy said...

Butterfly wife - I think he was more of a local turtle. We was like "Ho, brah, you see 'em one big wave?"

Mary - we did go to Bellows for New Years. Unfortunately the photos of the trip are stuck in Hannah's camera. It died while we were there... I still think we can retrieve the pictures.

Tori :) said...

Sea turtles are awesome. I am so jealous. Can I live with you?

Amanda said...

Fun sea turtles!

Reading a book while relaxing on the beach. That is on my list of important things to do before I die! :)