Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Inauguration Day!

Did you know the inauguration broadcast here at 7am! Very exciting! Did you watch? or attend? or sleep in?


The holidays are long gone, but my holiday mess was lurking in our storage closet. Five odd-shaped boxes of ornaments and decorations, and seven grocery bags of lights were taking over!

Thanks to the challenge over at Spouse Buzz, and a storm that wasn't, I got motivated and tackled the mess. I sorted out a few sad ornaments and moved the rest into 3 easy to store containers.

One with just lights. One with just ornaments. One with decorations and Christmas books. (and one with the shivers)

This will hopefully make it easier next year to find just the items I need. Anything to make next Christmas easy is a good thing, since we will be moving around the holidays.


Today's run: 3 miles
This week: 6.5 miles
This month: 36.5 miles


Mary said...

Great job! I totally schmotally love storage bins :) They look so much better than odd shaped cardboard and make moving so easy.

Wheezer said...

You are so organized! I have like 10 storage bins and they are all different sizes! They used to be labeled with what was in them but in recent years we have just stuffed things in them that fit!

Deanne said...

We cleaned up the garage yesterday and I took that as an opportunity to finally put away the few Christmas boxes that had sitting sitting sitting in our family room!!! Too bad mine aren't in pretty matching storage bins like yours. But I'm happy they're put away none the less! :) Yeah for organization!!!

No Cool Story said...

Organization is right there with sainthoodness...or something like that.
I messed that one up, sorry.

I watched the inaguration while working out. When he took the oath most people paused to watch, it was pretty cool.

Elle Bee said...

Ah, good before & after pictures!! I'm impressed. I need to get organized too. :o)