Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Thursday To Do

All week I've been feeling like this:

Like I'm climbing up up up...but I'm not getting anywhere.

Tomorrow is Thursday, and if I make it through the day, then I'll be coasting through to the weekend.

Here's what's going on tomorrow:


Pack Lunches and Sunblock

4th grade Field Trip to Polynesian Cultural Center

Pick up John (Thank you, Sarah, I totally owe you)

Hula x 2

Hannah's video for computer class


Hot Wheel tidy up

Fix Dinner

Go to bed early

Looking at that list makes me feel a whole lot better. Besides the fact that the field trip is taking up the whole day, I really don't HAVE to do all that much. In fact, I should probably just go ahead and delete laundry, hot wheels, and fix dinner...I may not get to them before that early bedtime...


Mary said...

Is that Emily in that picture? Cute!

That's a busy day for you. I think it's perfectly acceptable to take a few of the household chores off the list to lighten your load. The field trip sounds so fun! Only in Hawaii!

No Cool Story said...

I like making lists.
Hula x 2
Hot Wheel tidy up

Oooh mama!

Amanda said...

Fun field trip!! :D I wish I had hulaing (not sure if that is a word) on my to do list today. ;)

Tori :) said...

I stopped making lists. They depressed me.

Deanne said...

Sounds like a perfect day for a crock pot meal. But maybe you don't use the crock pot so much in Hawaii.

Carrot Jello said...

Hot Wheel Tidy Up?
Is this code for some chore?

wendy said...

Mary - it is Emily. As we were leaving the PCC and all the tourists were waiting to enter I thought - only in Hawaii!

Carrot - not a code - there are a million little hot wheels cars spread all over the room. I need to sort through them and put them away. I haven't done it yet.