Friday, September 14, 2007

Construction Zone

There are many great things about the Tiki Hut, but John's favorite is the contruction zone, conveniently located next door. The enticing sounds of trucks backing up and power tools whining and banging, draw us outside. We watch dump trucks with heavy loads and big cement trucks with loooooong chutes and the crane lifting big pallets and tiny ant-sized men walking on the roof.

John likes to get in on the action!

This is serious work

John's buddy Sam came over to help. They had a snack before heading back to work

Poor Sam had to dig with his slipper, but he didn't seem to mind...or did he?



Deanne said...

Yeah, boys. I don' quite understand them....but they sure are cute! :) I think it's funny how no one had to teach Caleb how to make car/truck noises or the like. Vrrrroooom vrroom!

Tori :) said...

How cute are they!! I wish Taj and John could have a playdate.

Amber said...

He IS all boy, isn't he? What a doll!

No Cool Story said...

What a serious face he has when working :)

Elizabeth-W said...

Ditto-ing Deanne!! :)

Ann M. said...

That last picture really made me laugh! My 5 year old nephew was here this weekend and he is a little car expert. We had to bribe him with a new dump truck in order to stop at the store.

Thanks for the comment (and compliment) on my blog!

muse said...

It's great when they keep themselves busy.

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

Awesome photos! I think the first two are so classic with the construction going on in the background. A true boy photo, worthy of Norman Rockwell doing a painting of it.