Sunday, February 25, 2007

Wendy Settles In

Wendy noticed that the Tiki Hut was feeling more and more like home. Her pantry was full of familiar foods, her laundry room had a pile of lone socks, and there was chocolate ice cream smudged on the freezer handle.

++++ I was talking to my friend Heidi, and she mentioned that as a child she narrated her life to herself. Wouldn't that be a fun angle for an entire blog. 3rd Person Omniscient.... I'm in 3rd.... Anywho, just an idea for you.

But back to settling in. My sister, Anna, asked how things are going for the kids at school and with friends, and it made me think about how well everything is going here. So here's the run down:

The girls have been in school for about 6 weeks and they seem to be doing fine. Sydney's teacher is still a grouch, and she assigns WAY too much homework, but I guess that's okay. There are two girls from her class who live right on our street, so that makes it fun for playing after school. Sydney stayed home sick all last week, but it wasn't strep, and she seems to be feeling mostly better.

Emily still Loooooooooves her teacher. She draws her little pictures every day, and on the weekend she says things like "Ms. Y won't believe all those fish I saw" and "I'm going to show Ms. Y this sea glass on Monday!" Emily plays with a couple of younger kids who live next door, but I have to say they just aren't the Sheffields (our good neighbors in SD who had kids Sydney, Emily and John's ages. We miss you guys!) Emily loves the beach and says that every day off and every Saturday is Beach Day.

Hannah is making friends at the middle school and doing well in her classes, and is starting Track this week. She hasn't made a best friend yet, but she spends plenty of time on the phone with her buddies back in Rapid. It has been nice to have her around the house more. She is so fun! There are lots more Young Women in our ward here than in our last ward, and she is having fun with them. They did a scarf dance for Chinese New Year that was pretty cute. She is also starting to get some babysitting jobs, which she is very excited about $!$!

John is enjoying Joy School, I think. He always says he doesn't want to go, but when I go to pick him up, he always wants to stay longer. Last week I was the Teacher and we had fun! He is doing okay in the Sunbeam Class, too. He doesn't want to sit with them during Sharing Time, and for now I'm just letting him sit on my lap (since I'm in there with my class.) I think that's okay. He does go to class time just fine.

I'm feeling a lot more confident driving around the island. I am able to tell the names of the towns and streets apart (Waianae, Waikele, Waipahu they all look the same...) and if I get turned around I know the major roads.

We are having fun in our ward and feeling more at home there, too. I am really enjoying my calling teaching in Primary, and since it doesn't take much of my time during the week, I am also able to do some other volunteering. I help at the Elementary School on Tuesdays, and with the PTSO (I'm sure that is similar to PTA) at the middle school. I am also volunteering as a RAV (Readiness Assitance Volunteer) with Nathan's squadron. I have just a few ladies whose husbands are deployed that I check on now and then. Kind of like Visiting Teaching.

The best thing is that my friend Heidi has invited me to join a North Shore mom's surfing group that meets every Tuesday and Thursday on the at 3:30pm to surf! Bring your kids and take turns out on the water. We couldn't go last week because Sydney was sick, but starting on Tuesday we are so There!

Moving is HARD. There are still several boxes in the garage that haven't been opened, I haven't put up any pictures or curtains, and I still need to buy some rugs, and a desk, and... but we are getting there.

We are also making sure to have fun in Hawaii. Isn't it funny how when you live somewhere you just don't take advantage of all the cool stuff around? We are making plans and having all kinds of fun here in Paradise. This weekend: scuba, snorkle, and Thai for dinner (mmm! sticky rice.) Next weekend bowling and a trip to the temple, with some surfing mixed it.

So, I am still a little unorganized, and I still have a lot of work to do, but this Tiki Hut is looking more and more like home!


txmommy said...

yeah, it sounds wonderful. I always thought moving around would be a lot of fun. I lived in the same town from Kindergarten until I was 30. I even taught school at the same school I went to, with some of my teachers still there. When we moved to TX I was excited to go, a little nervous I guess, but mostly excited. Now we've been here about 8 years and at the end of next year we'll be sent to Maryland for 2 years, then probably back here. I am excited to go and see something new. My brother was in the AF for 10 years and I was always jealous.
I'm glad your family is settling in, I know it's probably harder in real life to move a lot than in my romantic imaginings!

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Wow, Hawaii is like this whole other lifestyle. A mom's surfing group! You're lucky to get moms together at all here in Rainyville. Well, at least during the winter. No one wants to be out in it. :) Thanks for this slice of life - it's fun to hear how you're settling in. Happy unpacking!

Steph said...

You are such a fun, involved mom and I think it is awesome how you are taking advantage of your time in Hawaii to do everything Hawaiian! Does it smell beautiful where you live? I've been to Hawaii 3 times and that is what I remember most, the smell. (Plumeria I think?)
I love to hear what you are up to!
Steph (Mary's roommate of old :))

Deanne said...

Yes, moving is hard! It is exciting, but that doesn't last too long. Before you know it your all moved and surrounded by boxes and no friends! I am so glad to hear that you have a friend, and the mom's surfing group sounds awesome! (actually the name of the group sounds kinda funny!) :) Anyway, it also sounds like we are in similar situations...still have some lone boxes that just need to go away. Thanks for sharing your adventures in moving!

Annie said...

We have been in our home over a year now. I am starting to revisit some of the rooms and change them around. The room under the stairs is my dirty little secret. It's full of craft, eBay, and gift wrapping stuff. I need to make it my March project to get it cleaned out.

Suzanne said...

I'm glad you're settling in! I moved 8 months ago and I still have a few boxes that have never been unpacked! LOL!!! How fun that you get to be a part of a mom's surfing group. How many of us would ever get to say that??? Have a great weekend! :D

Mary said...

Wendy, thanks for the update. I have been thinking about the girls and wondering how they were adjusting. I'm glad you are feeling more at home, that's great! How fun that you guys continue to take advantage of the cool stuff around you!

Elizabeth-W said...

I'm with Millie--a mom's surfing group just sounds so cool!!! Or hip, or I don't know what adjective best describes it--wicked awesome, maybe? Glad you've settled into a nice groove.

nikko said...

So glad to hear that you're starting to feel settled in.


Amanda said...

I am so glad to hear that you are all settling in and doing well. We miss you and your family.

What a fun mom's group, surfing!!

Jordan did a cub scout thing a couple of weeks ago where they talked about Hawaii. He brought home a sheet of paper with interesting facts about Hawaii. For some reason I have it hanging on the fridge with other scout stuff, but every time I see it I think of you guys. It listed 10 things you will not find in Hawaii: billboards, snakes, seagulls, squirrels, day light savings, motor homes, the Goodyear blimp, poison ivy, rabies and privately owned beaches. I thought is was very interesting.